Sunday, May 24, 2009

book review for Nelson's Illustrated Guide to Religions

This books covers many of the religions of the world from muslim to protestant religions and more. I thoroughly enjoyed this book as I am quite interested in other religions and trying to understand their beliefs. The author seemed to do quite well at putting this all together and getting the proper information out about the different religions, with out showing bias towards any of them. He was strat to the facts about each religion. I would have loved to have heard more about each of these religions, but I"m sure that would take each one having different books written for each to do that! This proved to be a great overview of each religion and would highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in learning more about religions around the world!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

book review for In the Footsteps of Paul

This book follows Paul through passages with pictures of what they believe are the areas that the Bible says certian events happened. The pictures are of great quality and very nice to look at. The only thing I had issue with is that pretty much every picture had, this might be where it happened or its possible that this happened here, etc.. Just seemed odd that a book stating that its taking you where paul went wouldn't have more certainty to where these events happened. That said I did enjoy the pictures as well as my children also enjoyed looking at the pictures. Not sure I'd pay much for it, but it was a good book over all!