Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Is the Bible reliable-building the historical case. TrueU

This dvd series is aimed toward teens and young adults/college age adults. The opening is very upbeat and attention catching. They then go into a classroom like setting where Dr. Stephen Meyer teaches on the reliability of the Bible. This curriculum package has 10 half hour video’s all talking about the reliability of the Bible and how we can know that its true. Also included in this curriculum/video series is a study guide with questions and comics etc...The basic idea of this series is to be able to get yourself in a place of knowledge to be able to defend your faith and know why you believe what you believe and how you know its true.

I actually really enjoyed this video series, I’m the kind of person that loves information and research and Dr. Meyer’s has really done well with that! I’m not so sure that teens would be interested in sitting through it lol, as the beginning is very up beat and then go into a very calm information filled time. But I do think this is absolutely a great video and full of GOOD information!! He does the work for us! I highly recommend it!!!

This video series was recieved from Tyndale in exchange for an honest review.