Thursday, August 27, 2009

The [expanded] Bible, new testament

I was really excited for this one!! I'd been waiting not so patiently all week for it to arrive! I am a big believer in not only reading your Bible but to also study it, research the verses, etc. This book makes it easier by looking at the different translations and adding it to the text. I did find it a little hard to read at first, but once you get the flow of it, it gets quite easy to follow. Although I don't recommend trying to read it aloud lol, I tried that and it gets really choppy with all the breaks in it lol. I read one of the books of the Bible in for this review and I really really enjoyed it. Just by adding those different translations or expressions in with the text it makes you stop and think with each verse. Which I find also causes things to jump out at you that you wouldn't have thought of before! I would definately recommend this Bible as an addition to your regular devotions/study time! I probably wouldn't choose it as the Bible I take to church and try to follow along with, as I can picture myself getting so lost and far behind lol. But for preparing a Bible study or doing your own devotions it is deffinately an asset!! I don't think anyone would be sorry that they gave it a try, the very least that can happen is it causes you to look at the scriptures differently as you read it!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Love and respect Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

Dr. Eggerichs book Love and Respect has got to be one of the best and most obvious books I've ever read. Although I have had these arguments he talks about in his book a million times I never would have thought about the love and respect aspect of it. Of course there's always underlying issues in arguments between couples but I've never really understood what they were. So many times through out this book I could place myself in those stories. I honestly never really knew that men interpreted a woman as disrespecting him during arguments. He uses a firm base of scripture (that really should have been obvious as God put it right there in Ephesians lol) This is an awesome read for anyone who is struggling in their marriage or just wants more out of their marriage. It really does give a greater understanding to what couples are really fighting about. Not only that, he also talks about how we can meet each others needs for love and respect. Not that this book will solve your problems overnight, but its a really really really good start.