Friday, August 15, 2014

Captured by Love

Captured by Love, by Jody Hedlund. Angelique left now with her step father and his new wife after first the death of her father and next her mother. She does what ever she can the best she can and as fast as she can to please her step father, but its rarely enough. After her sister Theresa was "sold" to the highest bidder in a so called marriage orchestrated by her step father and rather than live that life threw herself to her death in the river. Angelique is determined that the same will not happen to her. After all she loves Jean and as soon as the war is done he will return for her and they will marry as long as her step father holds to his word. All the people are faced with starvation after the British army starts taking the peoples supplies of food since their food sources are cut off. Angelique trying to live on the meager amount of food she does get, yet sharing more than she could do without to Jean and Pierre's mother. Who she's been caring for since the war started and her sons left. Pierre returns to the island to find his mothers house in shambles, that she's nearly completely blind and that the girl he considered just like a little sister all grown up. Together they all journey through struggle and love in a world that feels far from peace.
     I loved this book, it had all the elements of a great novel! suspense, a great story line, tragedy, etc. It was done so well you felt like you were there with them as you read. This book draws you in from the first page till the last! Its a book that I didn't want to take breaks from and was hard pressed to tear myself away from the pages! This author know what it takes to capture a reader and it shows in this novel! I'd read this book over and over again! Definitely worth a read!

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A Woman of Fortune

A woman of Fortune, by Kellie Coates Gilbert. Clair had everything, and I mean everything. Anything she wanted was hers! A husband who adored her, and what ever money could buy her and her family. Until it was discovered that the money wasn't come by honestly. Clairs husband is arrested and faces jail for fraud. Her world comes crashing down, her husband is gone and the money is gone. Her children, now grown, are products of their upbringing. Snobby socialites who don't understand the important things in life. Now on her own and finding herself like the majority of the rest of the world, needing to work for the things they need. Clair and her family come together to battle through the shame of Tuck's criminal activities, loosing their social status and the respect that money once brought them, and trying to Find where God is in this mess. More than anything Clair's priority is that the family be held together!
     I really enjoyed this book! I love that the author took a twist on a novel that many Christian authors do not. Its rare to see a struggle, such as fraud, in a christian book. Even though I'm sure there's enough Christian homes out there that can relate to this scenario. I found myself loving some characters and hating others, which I'm sure is exactly what the author intended for us to feel! It really is a good read and I'm happy to have had the opportunity to have read this book! Its not a book that will disappoint!

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Relaxing With God

Relaxing With God, by Andrew Farley.  So many times we're told how we are not enough, we don't give enough to God, we don't try hard enough for God, We don't do enough. As though there is some scale in heaven that we must meet to be rewarded. Jesus made our journey with him possible and more than that he made the way to Him simple! He tells us His "yoke is easy and burden is light" yet we fail to grasp that, and fail to realize our full potential in Him. We need to those times to just be with him and not be burdened down by the "must do" things that the world around us and the church puts on us. We've strayed from where we need to be to a place of believing that our works are worth far more than they actually are. Andrew Farley uses scripture and revelation to teach us how to just be with God, that we don't need to feel the condemnation that the world would put on us.
     I really was looking forward to reading this book, as far as I can remember I've never read a book from this author! I really appreciated his desire to see a people set free from the "must do" lists that we as christians put on ourselves and think are Godly. It was a book that touches the heart! That said I also need to put a slight caution on it as it tends to have a once saved always saved lean on it. As well as there were some areas that to me just didn't match up with scripture. I wasn't so leary that I wouldn't recommend it as I think people are smart enough to realize those things on their own and ask questions! Its still a great book and one much needed for this time!

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Love Comes Home

Love comes Home, by Ann H. Gabhart.  the war finally ended and all they boys are finally coming home, with the exception of Tori's husband who died at war. The Merrit sisters welcome their men back, but quickly realize that they've all changed and have to re-adjust to each other. Kate is excited to start a family with Josh, she longs to have a baby with him more than anything in life! Evangeline wants everything. Her husband to have a wonderful paying job, a large house and all the things she's ever wanted in it. Tori misses her husband and father of their daughter Samantha. She doesn't think she'll ever be able to move on and find happiness again. Lorena has always wondered what happened to her birth family, why they left her at the church and why they never came back for her like they promised. Together they all fight through each struggle carrying each others burdens and helping each other along.
     When I started to read this book I was so excited to realize that I knew these characters! I hadn't realized this was a sequel to angel sister and small town girl! I was thrilled, I loved both of those books!! This one is just as fantastic as the first two! I love following these characters and reading about them growing up! The author draws you in to every story, so much so that you develop an emotional attatchment to them. I found myself angry when they were angry, sad when they were sad and happy when they were happy. I can't say enough about how much I really love this book as well as the series! I'd recommend it to anyone!!

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