Friday, February 25, 2011

Promises to Keep

Promises to Keep, by Ann Tatlock. Roz watched as they pulled away and left their life behind. She watched her father break down sobbing on their front porch as her mother drove away with her, her sister and her brother, never to return to him. She understood some what why her mom would want to leave, her father could be a really scary guy, but he had good points about him too. And she missed him terribly. They moved close to where her grandfather lived, with his help. Unexpectedly Tillie, the elderly lady they bought the house from, returns to the house demanding that its still hers. Things end up working out with Tillie though as Roz's mom needs to work and needs some one to watch the kids, so Tillie moves in! Roz also meets a best friend! One who understands what its like not to have her father near! So they make a pact to pray for each other's dad to come back to them! Roz gets a surprise when she finds her father in their small town! Although he makes her promise that she won't tell anyone he's there. He promises her that he'll be back with them soon and they'll all be together forever!
   This was an unbelievable book! I loved it! it was so suspensful and had me almost yelling at my book for Roz to stop keeping this secret! It is such a captivating book! I couldn't put it down and when I did finish I found myself sad that it was all done lol. I highly recommend reading this book, you won't be disapointed in it! I can't wait to get my hands on more books by this author!

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Another dawn

Another Dawn, by Kathryn Cushman. Grace Graham is a single mom with a darling little boy who is her world, Dylan. He is the only one Grace hasn't ran from. When times get tough Grace tends to take off, she always has. Only now her sister has called her to help care for her father who is undergoing surgery and gives her the ultimatium to step up as a part of the family or get out. Grace not wanting to loose the relationship she has with her sister makes the trip to care for her father for a couple of weeks. Only Grace didn't see coming the outbreak of measles effecting her and her home town. When her son contacts the measles because of a decision grace made not to get him vaccinated. She finds herself in the toughest situation she's had to face yet. Almost and entire town angry with you, including your own sister! Not only that but the guilt of bring this disease with them and infecting the littlest of the community who can't be vaccinated against it.
  This was an excellent book! I really just couldn't put it down! It was so nice to read a Christian fiction novel about a young woman that wasn't a romance novel! There are so many lessions about God through out this book too! I look forward to reading more books from Kathryn Cushman! My only objection to this book is that in the end it seems to be portrayed that she made the wrong choice for not vaccinating and she should have. Vaccinating is a personal choice for each parent to make and I didn't feel like the book needed to go in that direction.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Paws and Tales, biblical wisdom for kids and give away!!!

Paws and Tales, biblical widom for kids, by Chuck Swindoll. In this video series we meet a group of friends who get into different adventures that tie in biblical truths. There are two episodes on this dvd. The first one being "a good neighbor" where all the kids decide to built their own forts/club houses after disagreeing on how it should be built. But they miss the foundational requirements to build a secure club house and end up in some trouble! This episode is tied in with making God your strong foundation and that anything you build on it will be strong! They also end it with a music video that is quite entertaining! The second episode on this dvd is "The good shepherd". C.J. and Ned decide to be shepherds for a day, but then wolves attack the sheep when C.J. falls asleep on the job and the sheep suffer. So C.J. and ned come up with a plan to take care of the sheep and the wolves! This story is tied into the Bible by comparing it to Jesus, the good shepherd. And how he takes care of us in every situation and is always alert!
    From my four year old daughter on this video:
-what did you learn from this video? "Jesus is my shepherd
-did you like this video? "ya"
-Would you watch more video's like this? "yes"
-what is your favorite person on the video? "the sheep are my favorite"
-what was your favorite part? "when ned dressed up as a sheep, it was funny"

I found this dvd to be good. It's obviously geared towards younger children (6 and under), and my children found it a very entertaining series. I liked that it did include talking about God and Jesus and used scripture. While for the most part I don't think the kids will get that the story is a comparison of the biblical truth, but since they spell it out for you in the end it does get the point across! This is a video I feel find letting my children watch as it doesn't have any questionable scenes or language! Over all I would recommend this video to parents of young kids!! for more information on this series please check out and .

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Regret Free Parenting

Regret Free Parenting, by Catherine Hickem. In this book we look at parenting in a way that leaves you happy with how you raised your kids, with obviously the end goal being respectful good children into adults. Catherine gives us 7 principles in her book that let you know if you are doing well, as well as a lot of examples and stories of these working in her own life/family. She also breaks it down in ages from little to adolescence. She even includes homework (workbook type deal) at the end of the book ;).  Basically she tells us we need a plan (a good one lol) in place about how we're going to raise our children and stick to it! Most importantly our relationship with God is number one priority, if we aren't living in an intimate relationship with God we can't possibly get parenting right!
 Over all I think this book is pretty good! I like her insight and her idea's on parenting and I like that she does so biblically. I haven't tried it all out yet with my family, but I intend to! It sounds like a good idea and at least worth trying! I don't think you need to grasp ahold of everything she teaches, but she does give some great advice to us parents for getting it right! I do recommend this book, I actually really enjoyed it!

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fruit of the Spirit: Love

Fruit of the Spirit: Love, by Calvin Miller. In this book we find a study guide on the book of Galatians focusing on the fruit of the spirits, mainly love. Calvin miller does a six week study on the subject of love and its practical application and results in our lives. The book is set up in such a way that it can be done by either using it for personal devotion time, or to do it as a group. included is also study questions to get discussion going. Calvin Miller takes a foundational look at love in Galatians and what it should look like to us and how we should be using it.
 I'm not too sure what kind of review to give this book? I did enjoy it for what it was, and that was a simple devotional book, looking at the foundations of love. What I had expected from the description of the book was an in-depth look at love and that it was not. I am the kind of person that likes to research things in the bible. I like to know who wrote, why they wrote it, who it was written too, what it meant to the people of that time as well as to go back to the Hebrew of that verse and see how that's been changed in translation, etc. To me that is an in-depth look at love. That's what I really wanted to find in this book, but it was not. The daily reading is really easy and can been done in a short amount of time every day, and yes it would probably do well in a group setting of people discussing. I can't give it a bad review as it is a good devotional and study, that does teach about love, but its not an in-depth look at it and I imagine it would do really well as a study for new believers or as a refresher on love!

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