Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Thorn

The Thorn, by Beverly Lewis. In this book we follow the story of two amish girls. Years ago "Hen" (her nickname) met and outsider and fell in love. She ran off and left the amish life to marry this man and excluded her family for years. That is until her own child was born and getting to a impressionable age. She realizes that she longs for her amish life back and for her daughter to grow up in an amish family. Yet Hen's husband is far from amish and not sure he even believes in God. With out him becoming amish, there's little chance the Bishop will allow Hen back into the community with out him.
    Rose after seeing her sister Hen run off and get married and hurting the rest of the family by discluding them get, decides to join the church and forgo the time in a young amish person's life where they can get in a little trouble. Its the least she can do help her parents realize she won't run off like her sister. But when Nick, Rose's best friend is in the picture. No one's sure if she can keep with that promise or is her heart falling for him?
   I can't even begin to tell you how much I loved this book! Beverly Lewis does an amazing job depicting the amish life in all her books. She is among my favorite authors in amish writing! This book does not disappoint and again is one that you'll pick up and not be able to put down! definately buy this book, borrow it, whatever, just get a copy I know you'll love it!

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God's Promises for Women of Faith

God's promises for women of faith, by Jack Countryman.  This is a colourful little hardcover book, filled with scriptures from the KJV bible on different aspects of life. It also has a little section for notes and talks about women of the Bible.
 I found the book to be very cute, I loved the cover. I wasn't too thrilled to find it was in KJV, but thats just a personal preference. Its obviously not a devotional, at best its a gift book or a "pick me up" book for a friend! I had expected more out of it, but that was probably a mistake on my part. I was hoping that it would be in a more devotional format and its not. I would definately give this to a friend for a gift, but as for my personal library I probably wouldn't buy it for myself. If you have those women in your life that just love "girly" stuff, then this book would most definately be suited to them!! As I said it is adorable!
 I recieved this book for free from Booksneeze in exchange for an unbiased review! Thanks booksneeze!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Permission to speak freely

Permission to speak freely, by Anne Jackson. Anne Jackson asked a question on her blog, "What is one thing you feel you can't say in the church". She recieved a ton of responses to that questioned, which lead her to write this book. We get a glimps into her life and the amazing testimony she has. She calls us to a place where we can be real with each other and share our struggles, not try and hide them as has been done in the past. We learn of her struggles with addictions and how she's using that to now help others. We also hear of her struggles of sharing those problems and the people that told her not to talk about it. Rather than keep in silence about the things affecting us we need to be able to share with one another to overcome our problems.
    I adored this book! Its a fantastic read! God is not ashamed of us no matter what we do, so neither should we be ashamed to talk about our problems and recieve healing! This book is amazing, for anyone going through struggles this is an awesome book, even for those not its still an awesome read! Anne Jackson is on the right track of where our churches need to be!

* Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc. Available now at your favourite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group

Monday, September 13, 2010

Immanuel's Veins

Immanuel's Veins, by Ted Dekker. In this book we meet Toma and Alek sent by the queen to protect twin sisters Natasha and Lucine.  Both are immeadiately struck by the twins and fall for them. But it also seems a neighbor has also fallen for them, one who is mysterious and dark and quite alluring. We follow them against this fight over evil.
 In all honesty, I found it so hard to get into in the beginning and even after reading it, I still wasn't terribly impressed. Its not that I was offended by the gore or anything of it, I wasn't. I just found it hard to follow and couldn't really get into the story. I don't generally read Ted Dekker books so I don't know if this is just the style of  Dekker's writing, or if its something different then normal. Its well written, I just didn't enjoy the story very much. I'd say its worth a read, but maybe just try borrowing it rather than purchasing it (unless you get a sale). I hate not giving great reviews, but I just couldn't bring myself to enjoy this book.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Love Charleston

Love Charleston, by Beth Webb Hart. In this novel we meet Anne, who heard a word from God years ago telling her that she should stay in charleston and she would find her love there. But years passed and no one came along. Now she's doubting what she heard and with the encouragement of family is considering moving. A new rector moves to town, could this be the man that God had told Anne about? He seems so unsure of himself let alone being in love. We also follow the story of a couple of other ladies in anne's family. One who seems to have it all, yet no ones happy. Another who was happy until her artist husband couldn't financially support the family anymore. All looking for a happier life.
 This really wasn't the book I expected it to be, its a good read, I really enjoyed it! Its not quite romance, not quite fully suspense. It has so many unexpected twists to it! Read it, once you pick it up it'll be stuck in your hands! lol

The Boy who changed the world

The Boy who changed the world, by Andy andrew. In this book we follow the story of three people Norman Borlaug, Henry Wallace, and George Washington Carver. How they all were connected and how they all in some way changed the world. from Norman who decided as a boy that he wanted to help feed hungry people around the world, so becomes a scientist and discovers a way to use his knowledge on food to save 2 billion people. To Moses Carver who decided to rescue a small black child in a time where it was frowned on to do so. That little boy becomes an inventor who also changes the world.  We see the butterfly effect of what each decision we make can have!
  I thought this was a great book, it teaches the lesson that anyone can change the world in some way. Just by helping some one, it doesn't have to be a huge thing, but the butterfly effect from that can change the world. I would think it would be for older children (8 years plus) as its a little long and wordy for children younger. I read it to my children (4 and 6 years old) and they got the message right away and loved it!