Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The lifestyle of a prophet

The lifestyle of a prophet, by James Goll. We take a 21 day journey with James Goll on stepping into a prophetic anointing. I've had the pleasure or reading other books by James Goll as well as hearing him in person as a speaker at a conference. This book was not a disappointment. He genuinely cares about his readers and wants what is best for them. Wants to direct them to the Fathers heart for them in this calling! Kind of like the how to book of the prophetic! Much needed in this time! He covers many areas in life such as wisdom, intimacy and revelation. It is so rich and so full of the word of God and The Holy Spirit! This is a must read for those who feel they are called to the ministry of prophecy! I will be passing this book along! 

Book was received in exchange of an honest review by chosen books. 

Welcome to last chance

Welcome to last chance, by Cathleen Armstrong. Lainie is driving down the highway escaping her past when lights start to go on. The dashboard lights that is. The car is making some terrible noises and Lainie is begging it to at least make it to somewhere when she arrives at her last chance...literally the town is called last chance in New Mexico. Feeling a little stranded and spending a night sleeping in her car, Lainie is surprised when strangers want to help her. One welcomes her into her home and gives her a place to call home as long as she needs it! As much as Lainie seems to scoff at this small town she is definitely falling for its charm! Only the past she was trying to escape is still looking for her and threatens to ruin what she has found in last chance. 
     Again this was a book I really enjoyed! It's easy to fall in live with the characters and to cheer them on! I found myself trying to tell Lainie what to do whole reading the novel lol, "no don't do that! Listen to them", etc. again this whole reading series thing is hard to keep up with I may have to ignore life for a week or so to get all caught up with the characters in the books I love when the new books come out! 

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The letters

The letters, by Suzanne Woods Fisher. Rose lost her husband and now the family is left to her to raise on her own. But how is a single Amish woman with children supposed to do that? Well part of doing that is to move back with her mother in law, not only to find a place for her family but to also care for the older woman. Finances are getting lower and Rise is praying that God would give her some way to provide for her family. When the idea comes to her to turn the basement loft of the garage into a hotel room! She quickly sets to work with the help of a neighbour and the blessing of the bishop. Soon her doors are open and her first guest comes through. But rose us quickly learning that this wasn't just about an income but of helping others and receiving blessings herself! 
     Suzanne Fisher is one of my favourite authors! So I was thrilled to learn of this book! Even more thrilled to read it! What was even more exciting was learning the connection these people all had from her previous books! It's like catching up with old friends! God orchestrates more in our lives then we ever realize! He puts the right people there at the right times! This novel reinforces that! I can't wait for the next book! 

Book received curtesy from Revell in exchange for an honest review.  

The spiritual danger of doing good

The spiritual danger of doing good, by Peter Greer. I believe this is the first book I've read from this author, so I wasn't too sure what I'd be getting into when I opened the pages. Honestly it wasn't what I expected!! I'm not sure what I expected, I thought it'd be irrelevant, a little over the top and maybe one of those books you finish and stuff on the shelf. But, it's not! It's a book filled with pages from an author who understands how it feels to give yourself to something to the point of giving too much! Who's able to show the reader the signs of what they're doing and how it's effecting them. The dangers of what they're doing and how they can end up! As someone who's family is in the ministry this is a must read! I would love to see this as a text book in bible college for would be pastors. This is well done and much needed! 

Book was received curtesy from Bethany house in exchange for an honest review! 

A simple change

A simple change, by Judith Miller. In this second novel of the series we meet Jancey Rhoder. She's a trained teacher who's using this passion for teaching to volunteer to teach children at an orphanage who'd otherwise be left behind. She loves her work and can't picture ever leaving them behind! Only her mother is sick, and getting worse. The doctors have done all they know to do. Her parents made the decision to return to the Amana colony they grew up on. They left years earlier when they fell in love and didn't want to separate for the year that the colony required. But this is where Jancey's mother wishes to live out her last days. Jancey decides to go with them to care for her mother, but that means leaving the job behind and her life behind. Nathan, who's pretty sure he's going to marry Jancey, is less than pleased with this decision and eagerly awaits for Jancey to see how foolish she's been and return to him. Except that Jancey isn't hating her new life! 
     This was such a great book! Self sacrifice, love, honouring are just a few of the words to describe it! It really was a joy to read this book! To learn about a group of people I know little about! I'm ready for the next book in this series to come out! Hopefully it's done soon!!! 

Book was received curtesy of Bethany house in exchange of an honest review.

Rules of murder

Rules of murder, by Julianna Deering. Drew expects a lot to happen on his estate, but what he doesn't expect is to find a body! A mystery is intriguing to Drew, but impressing a girl, is just slightly more intriguing. So off drew goes to try and solve the mystery himself of the murder on his property with Madeline to aid him, and search for a killer! Only I'm not sure drew is ready for what he walked into! 
     I'm a pretty big fan of this book! Who doesn't love a good mystery and this one keeps you on your toes! It's like nancy drew or hardy boys, but for adults!! The characters are memorable and instantly we connect with them as you read! This truly is one of those books you don't put down!  I can't wait for the next books in this series to come out! I'm now a lifelong fan and will be on the look out for this authors books! 

Book was given in exchange of an honest review from Bethany house.