Saturday, July 21, 2012

Healing Unplugged

Healing: Unplugged: By Bill Johnson and Randy Clark. In this book we have the opportunity to hear from two greats in the faith about their walks with God and how they got to where they are today! Its filled with lessons learned, amazing stories of healing and how God spoke to them and more. My husband and I are avid listeners of Bill Johnson's sermons and I believe have read almost all the books he has written! He has such amazing insight into scripture and revelation that will just blow your mind! I loved hearing about how he got to where he was and how God called him to pastoring in Redding. Randy Clarks testimony on how God called him was just amazing! I think we can all relate to these people and what they've gone through. Its amazing how God can take normal people and make them do extraordinary things. It took a while to get through this book as my husband kept snapping it up to read as well! Its one that will definitely be going in our personal library, it has been so helping that my husband is even considering buying copies to give out to the volunteer's in his area in our church! I highly highly recommend this book!!!

I received this book in exchange for an honest review from Bethany House

Friday, July 20, 2012

I am Second

I am Second, by Doug Bender and Dave Sterrett. Famous people to ordinary people, who've all come to a place in their life where they've either hit the bottom and and working on getting back up or who've just come to the realization that they are second. Christ is first! We follow amazing testimony after amazing testimony of how Christ became first in their lives and the changes they went through! We serve such a mighty and powerful God, who is ever present and with us in our times of need! Willing to take us from where ever we are and bring us into closer relationship with Him! This book just highlights those stories! It will bring joy to your heart, likely make you cry a little and you'll find a whole lot of amazement in a God who can change lives! There's just something powerful about testimonies and this book just brings so many together to encourage us and teach us! A definite must read and a joy to read! Pick it up, you won't be disappointed that you did!

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Waiting for Sunrise

Waiting for Sunrise, Cedar Key series #2, by Eva Marie Everson. Patsy if there ever was a rough upbringing she had it. An abusive father, a mother who because of the times stayed. Patsy and her mother did everything thing they could to keep her stepfather Ira happy, if he was happy maybe he wouldn't be abusive! But knowing that she couldn't keep Patsy safe  much longer her mother sends her to live with some Christian friends and their family. Pasty falls for Gilbert, she marries him and then finds herself in the hospital after a breakdown. She finds herself back in Cedar keys to try and reconcile her past and move on! We get to take that adventure with her. This book was ok, its a bit of a downer book as its dealing with a person who obviously struggles with depression and we go through that with her. But its also a book that sheds lights on issues that are still present in the church today! Its a tough read, but its also a good read!

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The Director's Cut

The Director's cut, back stage pass series #3, by Janice Thompson. Tia, the director on the set of  star's collide, knows how to get things done! Its her job to make sure everything comes together and creates a good show! She has respect on her job, because she's earned it! Her life at home isn't so well "scripted" her parents are on and off again, keeping a job is an ability only she seems to possess and to top it off her parents want her to help her sister find a job. How's she supposed to have the world think her life is so kept together when both worlds are starting to collide? and to top it off she can't seem to charm the camera man, Jason. He has opinions that he seems to need to voice and can be so frustrating to Tia! But how is it that she's finding herself attracted to him? How could she possibly let him in and see how un-kept her life really is?
     This book was pretty good, its not a style of writing that I'm a fan of, I mostly read books that suspenseful and thrillers and this leaned more towards comedy and romance. That said, I still enjoyed reading it! Its well written, this author knows how to capture an audience! I found myself enjoying it despite my dislike for the genre of writing! For that reason I would definitely recommend this book, if you can win someone over to this style of writing then its got to be a good book!!

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Touching the Sky

Touching the Sky, land of the lone star series #2, by Tracie Peterson. Laura on her way home finds herself being harassed by two confederate soldiers, 2 black union soldiers come to her rescue and chase them off! Brandon the officer over the colored soldiers misunderstands the situation with Laura and two of his officers and causes and awkward introduction to the woman he's about to fall madly in love with! Laura's sister, immature at best, gets engaged to a supporter of the confederate with out really knowing him to well. Letting her fantasy about being married mar any good judgement skills she marries him and Laura finds herself finding out about an attack on the union. She'll go to any means necessary to protect her sister and the man she's finding herself in love with, even if that means angering her sister's new husband and sneaking information to the union.
   This book has almost more intense situations than one is reasonably expected to handle!! Through out the book you're kept on your toes wondering what will happen next and how Laura's little sister will be rescued, etc..! It won't take long to get through this book, because you won't be able to put it down. Its one of those books where you just keep saying "I'll just read a few more pages and then put it down" over and over again! Well done!!

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Love in Disguise

Love in disguise, by Carol Cox. Ellie has found herself in quite the perdiciment. No job, no money, no family to fall back on. Not knowing what she's going to do to provide for herself she overhears that there's a need for a female detective in the local detective agency. It would seem robbers keep stealing shippments coming in and a detective is needed to find out who these thieves are! So Ellie armed with all her belongings and her acting skills goes to the agency and convinces them to hire her! She must now use those acting skills to solve this crime, while trying to keep her feelings in check for the mine owner!
     A good fiction read! I did really enjoy reading this book, its the kind of book that captures your attention right from the start and keeps it till the last page! I love books like this, it shows that woman are strong capable creatures, who when things get tough they know how to survive. Its definitely a book I will be passing on to friends to read!!

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Short-Straw Bride

Short straw Bride, by Karen Witemeyer. Where Merideth was a small child the school yard bully picking on her threw her lunch box into the farm yard of a family that was know for a "shoot now, ask later" mentality. Not wanting to upset her mother Meri wanders on to the land to retrieve her lunch box and finds her self stepping on a trap that permanently damages her leg, but also finds that she meets a boy she can't get out of her mind, who rescued her from the trap and carried her home. Years later she finds herself overhearing a plot to burn the buildings on that plot of land in an effort to get the land owners to sell the land. Feeling like she owes it to the young man who rescued her years earlier she finds her way to the farm to warn them of the plot, but in the end after an injury leaves her on their land recuperating in a time where being in a home with four young man would bring much disgrace on her, she finds herself marrying the oldest brother Travis. and Trying to find a way to really fit in with this odd family!
  I really liked this book, it was a happy sigh at the end of the story kind of book! Its got a bit of history, a bit of romance, a bit of action and adventure! Its got all the ingredients that make a great book! definately a must read for the fiction readers out there!!!

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The Way NLT Bible

I must start off by saying that I love Bibles, really I do, its among my favoritest of things. I'm not just saying that to sound holy. My favorite thing is getting bunches of different versions of the Bible and reading them. It challenges your thoughts and keeps you on your toes for remembering verses and learning what they're saying. So I was so excited when the opportunity came out for me to review The Way NLT Bible! I received it and quickly started reading it! I loved it! I love the look of it! There are so many pictures (not that I need a book with pictures to read it lol), there's testimonies, living in the way (kind of like things to ponder, little devotionals) Introductions to each of the books, and more! This is a Bible for this generation! It looks fun, it has the testimonies, etc... with it! Its a Bible that makes you want to read it! The Bible is the living word of God and its about time a publisher realized this and designed a Bible that looked like it! I can't say enough good things about this Bible! Its just more! That's the only way I can describe it, you just get more than you expect out of it!

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