Monday, July 15, 2013

The Lesson

The Lesson, by Suzanne Woods Fisher. This is the third book in the stony ridge seasons series. This time we hear about M.K. Though we met her in previous novels and discovered her ability to get into trouble, this book is dedicated to hearing all about her! Carelessness may be one of M.K.'s worst qualities, she doesn't mean to but things grab her attention and her mind wanders, then before she knows it she's said something or done something to land herself in hot water. Which is exactly what happened when M.K. Accidentally ran over the school teacher on her scooter. Now due to the exaggeration of injuries MK is assigned to sub for the injured teacher. But what does MK know about teaching? She find an elder Amish woman and discovers she used to teach, God placed someone in her path to help her! Yet she again finds herself in trouble when she heard a shot fired and finds a man shot when she goes and investigates. Not only that but she saw a man running from the scene! Her mind working over time her suspicions turn to a new young Amish man in the community and is convinced that he is the murderer.
      This book was so good! I found myself getting so annoyed at MK and all her assumptions, but it was also so funny! Gossip seems to be a problem among all people! It was great hearing about MK after the first two novels! This is a fun book with a great lesson! I don't just recommend this book, but also recommend getting the series! It is so good!!!

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Though mountains fall

Though Mountains Fall, Daughters of Caleb Bender Series #3, by Dale Cramer. This is the third book in this Amish series where we follow Caleb's family and their time in Mexico. They left America to get away from the government that is trying to regulate what and how the Amish children are being taught, everything that goes against their beliefs. They arrive in Mexico and while they are free to teach the children as they see fit, they are not however without problems. Bandits being the biggest and most dangerous problem they have. Being a peaceful people they have no way of protecting their land or their families. One of their daughters married a Mexican man and now faces being banished for it. Now a bishop is considering moving out there, which will mean great things for the community, they'll be able to marry, have proper services, etc! But first he needs to see for himself that it would be a good move for his family! With so many problems in the community Caleb wonders if it was worth it at all, and if they should just give up and move back home. 
     I adored this book! I've loved every book in Dale Cramer's Amish series! He gives us such a strong passionate picture of love, grace and faith! We feel the courage of Caleb as he tried to lead his family in Mexico and we even feel his loss when he realizes it was a mistake! It's a story that inspires you and encourages you. Amish novels are among my favourite fiction and this was no exception! 

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Monday, July 8, 2013

That Certain Summer

That Certain summer, by Irene Hannon Karen and Val don't have an easy mother, and a stroke resulting in them having to care for her more doesn't make dealing with her any easier! Karen has carried the burden of caring for their mother who finds nothing good to say about her for years. She finds herself at a breaking point, her daughter was injured requiring more help, her marriage has ended and now this. With all she can handle she calls her sister to let her know that the time has come for her to help out, since she's been absent for years letting everything fall on Karen. Val knowing that she must step up comes, but also with the hope of reconciling her past and moving forward for the mistake she made years prior. What she didn't expect to find was love again, neither did Karen! Here they are reunited as sisters and really getting along, but also finding feelings that they didn't think they'd find again through unlikely men!
    This is a great book, there are some books that do more than just tell a story. They help you deal with past hurts, they lead you to the ONE who can heal your hurts. This is one of those books! I don't know the pain of abortion, but this book deals with it so beautifully and shows the forgiveness that God has for all his children! This is not only a great novel, but a book that I can see helping many woman get over the sin of abortion!

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Stealing the Preacher

Stealing the Preacher, by Karen Witemeyer. Crocket Archer is finally doing what he feels called to! Setting out on his own and answering his calling to be a preacher! Sure he's been teaching his own family for years, but its not what he's meant to do forever! So leaving to "interview" for a position at a church he finds himself on a train that's being held up by robbers, but rather than looking to steal money the men are looking to steal a preacher! Crocket finds himself presented to the leader of the train outlaws daughter for her birthday. Joanna had been praying for a while for a preacher to come to their small community and lead them back to God, but she never expected that her father would go so far as to steal one for her! Yet they find themselves working together and finding romance together as they try and lead this community back to God!
    Again another great book by Karen Witemeyer! I loved her book Short-straw Bride and was so happy to see some of the characters again in this book! It was a great book start to finish! It captures your attention right from the start and I found myself cheering for the characters when they had breakthroughs! Karen Witemeyer's writing style is fantastic and so easy to get lost in, she is a great author and this is a great book!!

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The Quarryman's Bride

The Quarryman's Bride by Tracie Peterson. Emmalyne was engaged and soon to be married to the man she loved, Tavin. Then tragedy struck their family and two of Emmalyne's younger sisters died. The custom of their people says that the youngest daughter must remain unmarried and living at home to support her parents in their old age. Emmalyne didn't think much of the tradition as it wouldn't have effected her, that is until her younger sisters died and left her now the youngest daughter of the family and now responsible to care for them. Her father is a hard man, who has little love to give his family. No matter what Emmalyne's feelings to Travis he has decided the wedding will not happen now and she will remain with them to care for them. So Emmalyne and Travis part ways as she moves with her family to a new community. Years later they find themselves returning to the community, but surely Travis has moved on and married now right? Wrong he hasn't! There he is still available yet still out of reach to Emmalyne. 
     What a great novel! I loved it! I loved following these characters and getting to know them! You know you're reading a good book when you get carried away and find yourself getting angry at the characters to just do what they should and forget traditions! I'm pretty sure I finished this book in one day as it was one I just couldn't set down! a must read!!!

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Fully alive

Fully Alive, by Dr. Larry Crabb. In this book Dr. Crabb looks at the roles between woman and men, what did God create each of them to be? How does God define a man and a woman? Dr. Crab does an intense search through the Bible to teach us what it is that God says our roles are and how we can best fulfill them. Each of the sexes have been created uniquely with unique purposes. Each of us shows the heart of God and are no vital to revealing who God is. A woman in her femininity leads others to Christ, just as a man in his masculinity leads people to Christ. God has created us different with a purpose that all leads back to Him. 
     Initially I as really excited to read this book. We see so many books come out on marriage roles, telling woman that her responsibility is to listen to her husband. So when I saw this book I flipped through and had high hopes that it wasn't going to be one of those books. unfortunately I was disappointed when in the end it turned out to be the same message that many other books have tried to convey. I didn't find anything new that hasn't been said many times before. I was also disappointed that it seemed that the author only looked at one possible way that scripture could be interpreted without looking at how there are many arguments on the interpretation of the scriptures. I also found his book hard to follow as it took a while for him to just come right out and state what he actually believed and was saying.

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