Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hermie, who's in charge anyway

Hermie's who's in charge anyway is great. I love the Hermie and friends collection and this one did not disappoint!! In this movie the cast talks about God's purpose/plans for our lives and that God has a plan for everyone. My two children (aged 4 and 6) loved this movie and sat glued to the tv watching it! I love it because you can trust that they're not going to see anything inappropriate on it and it teaches great Biblical lessons to the kids as well! A definate add to the movie library! Loved it! Max lucado does great with these characters and the lessons they teach, I've never seen a hermie movie that I haven't really liked!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

His Princess, Girl talk with God.

 His Princess, Girl talk with God, by Sherri Rose Shepherd. In this book we look at real life situations from Shepherd combined with scripture and a love letter from God. The promises of God fill this book as well as what God says about who you are and what he created you to be and who He wants you to be!
     This book is great, really really really great. Seriously every teen girl needs this book as part of her collection! Too many times young girls let media dictate who they are and whats wrong with them. Rather than going to the Father and finding out who they really are! I strongly suggest that anyone in a position of working with youth girls needs to have this book in their library or even to do a study with girls on this book! It is despritely needed in our society today! I'm also thoroughly excited to find out that this book is also written for adults too! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of the one written for adults!! Buy it, read it, and give it as a gift!!!

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Perfectly Dateless

Perfectly Dateless, by Kristin Billerbeck. In this book we meet Daisy and her parents, who are every teens worst nightmare!!! Daisy attends a Christian school and is wanting to attend the prom. Problem is, she's never been allowed to have a boyfriend or even talk to boys!! Not only that, she's also made to wear home made clothes (not even well done home made clothes lol). She must also over come her shyness and lack of experience in social skills! We get to follow Daisy in this adventure of trying to get her way despite her parents obvious goal of ruining her life! lol.
   If you have a teen this is a must read for them!! Its funny, very witty and so well written. You'd be very hard pressed to find some one who doesn't love this book!! Despite its goal audience being teens, I totally enjoyed this book! I loved her descriptions of things, such as Daisy's reaction to getting her hair cut done by a real hair stylist, in a current style not done by her mom! lol. This book will not disapoint!!

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Heartless, by Anne Elisabeth Stengl. In this novel we meet young Princess Una of Parumvir, who is soon coming to age to be married. we Also meet her suitors and follow her in her decisions on who she wants to be with and the different choices she makes (some of which are not the right choice lol). Her decisions which lead her into a direction she shouldn't have gone, result in danger and a struggle to defeat that danger!!
   Sorry for the short description of the book, I didn't want to give too much away as you need to read it yourself! lol. I found the book reall hard to stay interested in, in the first few chapters as it seemed very slow and confusing. But after I got a little further into the book I was hooked!!! Its a fantastic fantasy novel and you'll definately see the comparisions to Jesus in here as well! definately buy this book, or borrow it! Its one you will not want to miss!!

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The Seeker

The seeker, by Ann H Gabhart. This book is about a young lady named charlotte and her struggles in life. She had her plans all laid out for who she was going to marry, what she was going to do with her life, etc... But then the man she had planned on marrying threw a wrench into the whole deal when he decided he was called to live a shaker life (that ment you couldn't be married and that all belongings/land etc. was signed over to the shakers). If that wasn't enough her father comes home and announces that he's gotten married and Charlottes step mom is less than what one would hope for in a mother.  To get away from this new step mom and in an attempt to get the man back she lost to the shakers, she decided to join them under the disguise of wanting to be a part of the community. 
     I really enjoyed this book! Its a fairly long book, but very well written. As well it also gives a lot of the history of the shakers and their lifestyle, beliefs etc.. Much more than just an average romance novel! A definate must read!!

*Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin communications Inc. Available now at your favorite  bookseller from Bethany house, a division of Baker Publishing Group.