Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Healing hearts

Healing hearts, by Beth Wiseman. In this novella we find three stories of Amish families and their struggles, their faith and their ability to overcome. The first of the three stories we find Levina Lapp who's husband has had to leave, but she didn't expect him to be gone as long as he was. Now that he's back Levina has to rediscover who her husband is, and draw close to him once again. The second of the stories we meet Leah, she doesn't seem destined to ever be married as she doesn't fit in with the status quo of what a good Amish wife looks like, yet it would seem that God does indeed have some one for everyone! Finally the third of the three stories is about Lydia, who found her heart broken years ago, but manages to move on and marries Elam. But tragity strikes and Lydia finds Elam taken away from her, but the one who broke her heart years ago seems to be looking for a second chance.
     I love Beth Wiseman's Amish novels. They never disappoint, she is one of the few extremely talented writers in Amish fiction! It was a treat to receive and read this book! It'll be a book that I'll be passing on to friends and will be enjoyed by many. Another excellent book by Beth Wiseman!

 This book was received in exchange for an honest review from booksneeze.

Close enough to hear God breathe

Close enough to hear God breathe, by Greg Paul. In this book Greg Paul takes us through scripture and personal experience to teach us how we draw closer to God. We all long to be closer to God, to clearly her His voice, to be caught up in His embrace. But some how it seems so distant, that we won't be able to ever get to that place to be close enough to hear Him breathe. But in this book you hear God speak through Greg Paul. He takes you to places that make you think, make you question why you aren't closer than you are. The door is open to all of us to have that relationship with God. That mental image of just being able to curl up on my Father's lap and lean against Him and just listen to Him breathe is such an emotional picture. A place that every person longs to be with their savior. I loved this book, I love his insights, especially in the section about God creating man and woman in His image and all that went with that chapter. I loved this book so much that when it was my turn to teach at our home group through our church that I shared this book. Its one of those books that you'll treasure forever and flip through often. Its very well done and a must have for all personal libraries!

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