Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A million miles in a thousand years.

Donald miller captured my attention very quickly in his book A million miles in a thousand years. I particularily liked his idea on what his conversation with God would be about when God asks him what he did with his life lol. I love the style of his writing, it makes it so easy to follow and feels like you're sitting there listening to him talk to you about his life. Another part of the book I loved was when he was asked if his script would include illistrations, and then the next few pages he has pictures of a rather humourous story. He tells you the stories of his life in a funny way, that also challenges you! Honestly I don't imagine there's too many people who wouldn't enjoy this book. I would definately recommend it to anyone looking for a good read! I would love to write more on his book, but I don't want to keep giving away all the good stories lol, so you'll have to read it for yourself. But trust me you won't be disapointed! Well worth the investment!

Voices of the Faithful, book 2

Is a devotional book (for every day of the year) that gives a scripture verse and then a story from a missionary. I love going through this book and hearing what God is doing through missionaries. The commitment and faith of these people is astounding! This book really reminds us that we need to remember to pray for those who have been sent out to spread the Gospel in other parts of the world. It is also a good reminder for us to remember that God is good! Trusting in him and having faith in him is all that we really need. One story that really stuck out to me was about a young man who was in the military (can't remember what country he was from?). He very badly wanted to attend a conference, but his superiors refused him the time off. So in desperation to learn more about Christ he burnt his own foot so that he could take a medical leave and attend the conference. While at first I was quick to think that it was wrong to do that, the person telling the story then directs you to a different way of thinking about it. That this young man was just that hungry for Jesus that he was willing to do what ever he could to hear more about him, even if it cost him a lot of pain! Imagine how much our world would chance if every Christian out there was this hungry for Jesus? I love this book, its very insperational! definitly recommend it to anyone!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fearless by Max Lucado

I am a huge fan of Max Lucado, so when the chance came up to review a book of his I jumped at the opportunity. He is a Man of God who has been blessed with wisdom and insight into the word. I eagerly looked forward to reading another book of his. When the book first arrived, I was excited to see it, but I was also thinking "I don't have an issue with fear". So while I expected a good read, I really didn't expect it to be of any benefit to me. Surprisingly to me I was wrong lol. I found that I do live in fear in certain areas of my life. He covers a large variety of ways that we accept fear into our lives and live with it. Thinking that this is a normal part of life and you just deal. But God never intended for us to live a life of fear, Max looks at this and shows us the lies we believe. I'd read and quoted the verse, "my thoughts are not your thoughts, my ways are not your thoughts" hundreds of times. But never really realized what it all ment. Those times when I feel that I've disapointed God and live in fear of being a disapointment. God says "my thoughts are not your thoughts". I don't want to give away all the book because I think it is of great benefit to everyone who reads it. Even those who feel it isn't an issue in their life. Walking without fear would be awesome and Max Lucado gives us the tools to realize the fear in our lives and points us in the right direction to leave that fear behind. A great great great read! Highly recommended!