Friday, April 22, 2011

Live loved

Live loved, by Max Lucado. Lived loved is a gift book/devotional by Max Lucado that is a combination of many of the books he's written over the years. Such as Fearless, Facing your giants, etc. He tackles the heart of the reader to understand that God does love them! He also leaves a space in the back of the book for personal notes from the readers to be able to write in their book!
 This is another great book by Max Lucado! But seriously has he ever written a bad book? lol. I really enjoyed it, although I wouldn't use it as the only tool in personal devotion time, even though he does include scripture and great insight. I think you need more than 2 pages of devotional time in my personal opinion! ;)  Its the perfect size to pop in a Bible case to carry around with you and is seriously a cute little book as a gift too! Sure to bless the person reading it! Again this will be another one of my favourites from Max Lucado!

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Max on life

Max on life, by Max Lucado. In this book from Max Lucado we hear his take on 172 questions about life and the word. From questions on the end times, to questions on dealing with lazy employee's at work. Max answers these question with wisdom and insight from the word. All the questions are broken down into categories to make it more user friendly ;) . This is classic Max Lucado writing filled with Godly insight!
 I really enjoyed this book! It was easy to read, he answered so many questions. So there's bound to be at least a few that hit home for everyone!! lol. Max Lucado is a brilliant writer, who has been immensely gifted at teaching. This book is another prime example of that! Its a great resource for those in the ministry, but also great for those who are not. Its a book you'll flip back to time and again as you look for answers to the every day questions we face! This is a definite need to read book for all out there!!!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sequin Bible-pink

I have a 7 year old daughter, who's at the age where she needs a full Bible not the story book kind. So when I saw this Bible available on Booksneeze I jumped at the chance to review it! I have to tell you I was not disappointed in any way. It is written in ICB so its super easy for the younger reading levels to read, on top of that if you have a child who knows they're a princess like mine does. The fact that its pink, has sparkles and sequins is an added bonus. Not only does my daughter love this Bible, I do too! its the perfect Bible for the little girl in your life!! It also has some maps as well as a dictionary/concordance in the back of it. There was nothing about this Bible that I don't like! I think its awesome and if you have the chance to get it for your daughter, I highly recommend you do! She'll love it!!

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The Dopple Ganger Chronicles-the first escape

The Dopple Ganger Chronicles-the first escape, by G.P. Taylor. Twins Sadie and Saskia are living in a home for wayward children. Their mom dropped them off there with a promise that she would return for them. But Sadie and Saskia find themselves getting in more and more trouble. Seems to be what they're good at. Then all the sudden a wealthy woman comes to the school with the purpose of adopting a girl, but she only wants one. So Saskia is adopted and Sadie is left at the school. While Sadie is at the school running rampant and getting in more trouble than before, Saskia finds herself in the middle of a huge mistery and the desire to get to the bottom of whats going on at this mysterious house!
    This book is well written and the story is captivating. The problem I have is that it is not a children's story. It talks of murder, seance's, and people carrying guns and being willing to shoot them. It is not a story I'd be comfortable letting my children read. It seems to be geared towars the 8-12 year olds, but thats still too young for my comfort. Those are not storylines that are appropriate for children. So I'm sorry to say that this is not a book that i would recommend. If it were for a teen, then maybe, but at that point I think the style of book would be too young for them. I have heard great things about this author although I haven't read any other books by him. I was blown away that some one who writes children's book would pick these topics? I was happy that I read this book before I allowed my child to read it, as now i will not be allowing her to read it.

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Lazarus awakening

Lazarus Awakening, by Joanna Weaver. In this book Joanna Weaver confrims that God loves us. Each and every one of us dispite what we do or don't do. His love is unconditional and always available! People tend to have a hard time believing that an all powerful, Holy God could love some one like them. With all the terrible stuff they've done, or the lack of things they should have done. How could God love us? Joanna looks at scripture and shows us how none of those things are dependant on God's love for us, He simply loves us because we're his children! He loves the unloveables!
 This book is an awesome reminder of God's love for his people, I really enjoyed it! So often we're taught all the "rules" of living a christian life while forgetting the freedom and love that comes from God. When we live a rules based lifestyle its easy to loose the belief that God really does love you. I highly recommend this book to every woman out there! I recall reading her book Having a mary heart in a Martha world. This book is just as good!!

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