Monday, May 30, 2011


Leaving, by Karen Kingsbury. Baily, a talented young actress, has a dream to be on broadway. Having already appeared in a movie (unlocked, also a book by karen Kingsbury and an awesome book at that), she has the advantage of expereince and true talent. She also has the opportunity to ignite a relationship with her co-star from Unlocked. But Baily's not sure she's ready for the life that would come being in a relationship with a celebrity. On top of that she's still not sure on her feelings anymore for Cody. Who decided that Baily deserved more than some one like him, who had a past such as he did, so left and denied all contact with Baily and her family who loved him so much! So we follow Baily as she travels for her audition, falls in love, and reconciles her past to the best point she can.
  This is only my second book that I've read by Karen Kingsbury, but just as the last one, this one is amazing! Its hard not to fall in love with all the characters and the way that Karen includes a deep faith and faith filled lessons in her books! I got through this book in one day because I couldn't put it down! Awesome book!

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Heaven is for real

Heaven is for real, by todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent. I have to start by saying this is an amazing book. The write up on the back calls the story extraordinary and it truely is! We meet Colton Burpo who ends up needing an emergency appendectomy and almost didn't make it! He tells his parents about his trip to heaven and talking with God and Jesus and that he could even see them. He told them about things that they were doing during his surgery that he would have no knowledge of outside of being able to see it himself outside of his body! When he came back he was able to tell his parents of people he saw in heaven that he should have no knowledge about, such as a baby sister who miscarried years before and they never told the kids about her. Even seeing family that had passed years before he was born and being able to describe them and tell them things that they said to him that he'd have no natural knowledge of. We see Heaven through a child's eyes. I have no doubt that colton did indeed visit Heaven and see all that he did. I know there will be naysayers out there, and frankly yes they could have made it up? but for what purpose? Everything that Colton's father tells us about what Colton said in this book is completely in line with the Bible (I know because I checked lol). I love this story and have read it over and over again! This is one of those books you don't want to miss, and you need to have your own copy of, it absolutely is a must have for the personal library!!

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Momsense, a common-sense guide to confident mothering, by Jean Blackmer. What I appreciate most about this book is the acknowledgement by Jean Blackmer, that there is no one perfect parenting (mothering) style. We are all created differently and created with different mothering techniques that work with our personalities. So we don't need to feel shame or despair that we're not a parent like so and so, because God didn't create you to be a parent like any other. He created you to be the parent that's perfect for your child! We have the skills already in us to parent our kids and parent them well, sometimes though we just need a little push or encouragement, which is what this book does! I strongly dislike almost all parenting books, as most will tell you this is the proper way to raise a child and if you're not doing it this way then you're doing something wrong. This book is not like that. Moms have it hard enough in this world today with out being beat down by other moms who want to have mommy wars. This book is filled with advice on whats worked for other moms (no necessarily meaning that it'll work for you, but might be a tool that could come in handy) as well as stories from other moms! This is an excellent book and a great resource for all mothers out there!

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A heart divided

A heart divided, by Kathleen Morgan. The Caldwells and Wainwrights have been fueding for years, ever since the father of the Wainwright family scammed land from the father of the Caldwell family through a deck of cards. Not willing to sit back any longer and gaining the courage through alchohol the Caldwell father takes his shot gun to the Wainwright property to settle it! Not intending to actually use it on anyone, but being drunk, accidently fires his weapon wounding a young boy and sending the mother into labour. Ultimately ending her life as well during the stressful birthing process. Now years later their children are all grown up and the Caldwells know very well of how horrible the Wainwrights are! Besides that they have a sick younger brother to take care of and no money to do so. So the father devises a plan that has Sarah trying to suduce the Wainwright son while her brothers and father steal their money! But it catches back up with them when the Wainwright son (cole) spots Sarah while out buying supplies and takes her under a citizens arrest until the sherriff gets back in town. Only what they didn't expect was to start falling for each other after so many years of hate!
  This book is on the fence for me, while I enjoyed the story and the lesson behind it on the other hand I didn't really care for Sarah's character. I wanted her to stand up for herself and fight and she seemed to rather do the opposite for most of the book. So thats why I'm on the fence lol, it was good I just didn't like one of the characters! So you'll have to read it and decide for yourself! It is really well written!

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To Win her heart

To Win her heart, by Karen Witemeyer. Eden is the town librarian, her father one of the founders of the town! So when the town decides to hire a blacksmith she makes sure she's there on her father's behalf to approve of the man. What she see's surprises her, this isn't a man, more like a giant!! Muscular and tall! Unable to stop herself Eden finds herself drawn to this man that she knows so little about! At first he seems uneducated, but his language points in another direction.
  Levi Grant has finished his sentance in prision for the unintentional death of a man he was fighting with. The chaplin from the prision sends him with references to a minister friend of his who sets him up with a job as the town blacksmith. But also warns him that while he doesn't need to share his past with everyone, he may not want to let the people find out any other way but through him. Levi also finds himself drawn to the town librarian, makes a point of going to the library every day to read and see the librarian. He finds himself falling in love with her, but is unsure how she will react when she finds out his past!
 For the most part I really enjoyed reading this book. I found it a little predictable in parts as well as the behavior of the lead female a little silly at times. Overall it is a great book and a good read! I do recommend it!

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An Unlikely Suitor

An Unlikely Suitor, by Nancy Moser. In this Novel we meet Lucy Scarpelli, who after her father's death, has taken on caring for the family. Finding out that the place they had always lived was sold and they needed to move out, Lucy went searching for a new home for her sister, mother and herself. After working in a sewing sweatshop type place, Lucy runs into a gentleman who not only has an apartment for rent, but also has openings in his dress making shop! So Lucy and her sister (Sophia) and her mother move in and discover their talents! Lucy also gets the chance to meet Rowena, a socialite, who's quite taken with Lucy and quickly becomes friends with her. Lucy not only has an eye for sewing, but also finds a way to alter Rowena's dresses to hide her disability! Rowena comes up with a plan and brings Lucy with her to her summer home. There Rowena is facing an arranged marriage to a man and while she finds him very nice and a gentleman, she doesn't love him. Lucy also finds love in this novel, but all isn't as it seems!!
 this was an awesome book! I really enjoyed it! I didn't find it predictable as you often do with love stories. This is a great addition to the library!

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Amish Prayers

Amish Prayers, by Beveryly Lewis. Beverly Lewis compiled the prayers used by the Amish people (and other anabaptist groups) in this cute little book, to give us more of an insite into the life of the amish. She's already a great fiction writer (especially her amish stories), so this book just added to her own writings and opens her readers up to not only the amish world, but also more of an understanding of her books too! It comes in a gift book format and while small is really cute! with sketched illustrations through out the book, the book is broken down into 12 sections (prayers for a new day, prayers for divine guidance, etc..). This book can be used for your own personal devotions as well as an asset to a group bible study. I really enjoy this little book!!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rejoice (CD)

Rejoice, woman of faith worship cd, by the woman of faith worship band. I just recieved this CD in the mail yesterday and stuck it in the cd player right away! There were a few songs that I recognized and was able to sing along with, but most were new to me! I love a good worship CD that I can stick in the car and listen to for hours, but unfortunately I can't say this would be one of those CD's. Part of the reason I didn't enjoy it was because I love the live worship CD's and this was obviously not. But the other promblem was that I found that who ever did the mixing for this album didn't do a great job. The vocals were fantastic and they did awsome, but it was very obvious that a midi machine was used for mixing and really took away from the songs. That style of mixing always reminds me of the 80's/90's music, which isn't what you're looking for in a CD for 2011! While I'm sure there will be many that do enjoy this CD, I am not one of them!

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Heart of Lies

Heart of lies, by Jill Marie Landis. Maddie and her "brothers" find a place to stay and what Maddie hopes is a new life without all the troubles of the past. These "brothers" were alongside her as part of the tribe (thieves and beggars), but when the tribe disbanded the stuck together and found a new place to call home. Happy to no longer be living that old life and having hope for a better future, Maddie suddenly finds herself thrown back into her old world when her brothers kidnap a child to hold for ransom. The child is left in Maddie's care, making her an accomplice in this crime. The little girl escapes from Maddie's care and Maddie finds herself chasing the child in an attempt to not ruin her own life. What she doesn't expect is to meet Tom, he is assigned to this case and is also pursing the child. But things get really messed up when they realize they have feelings for each other!
  I enjoyed this book, I found it a little hard to get in to for the first little bit, but once I got past the first few chapters I was enthralled! Its exciting, full of suspense, love and so hard to put down!

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The Watcher

 The Watcher, by Sara Davison. Sara Davison shares with us the events in this fictional novel of Kathryn Ellison's life. we sit along side Kathryn in this novel and share in her life, the love, the loss the danger and the personal turmoil. Kathyrn would just like to put her past behind her and never dig it up again, but when Nick comes back into her life 20 years later, she's faced with her past again. Kathryn and David Henley are also faced with fear again when Kevin Dylan escapes from prison to finish off what he started. We sit with Kathryn and look through her old shoe box containing the memories of her past, while she is unaware that she is being watched...
  I have to be honest with this book, it was a hard one to get through. The story line was good and the idea behind the story was great. But it was so hard to sit through and read. I just did not find this book very captivating. It could just be me and just not appreciating this style of writing, but I really had a rough time getting through it. so for that reason I say borrow the book from the library or friend, you may find you'd enjoy it. But for me personally I did not.

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The Deepest Waters

The deepest waters, by Dan Walsh. John and Laura Foster begin their honeymoon on the steamship SS Vandervere. Happy and content to be married to the man of her dreams, Laura is unprepared for what happens next. A storm his them and the ship capsizes. They both are terrified and fear death, until another ship comes, but they can't take all the people aboard the SS Vandervere, there isn't enough room. So they decide to take the woman and children. Laura only just having married John has already lost him. She finds herself alone, mourning, and facing the prospect of living a life without John.
 John on the other hand is passionate and will fight for his life, he will not leave his new wife easily.
 If it would be normal to hug a book, I'd hug this book. It was that good! An incredible story of God's faithfulness and provision. Its a historical romance based on real events, which just opens the story up all the more! This book kept me captivated for hours, I literally could not put it down! I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will be passing it on to those around me who enjoy this style of reading!!!! Thank you!

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Love amid the ashes

Love amid the ashes, by Mesu Andrews. In this novel we read about the account of Job. His sufferings, his losses and his heart break! We also follow Dinah and her part in Job's story! It must be remembered though that although this is an actual event in the Bible that the details and story are fictional (outside of what the Bible says about Job's life). It does really open up the life of Job to you and the possibilities of what may have all happened in his life. This book reminds me a lot of the wives of David series, which I really enjoyed! I was blown away when I read that this was Mesu Andrews first novel! Its a fantastic novel which you don't regularly find with a first time writer! Very well done!! I really enjoyed reading Andrews account of Biblical events and the story line in there! This is a book I'm sure all will love! I highly recommend it!

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When Life's not working

When Life's not Working, by Bob Merrit. Bob Merrit is a pastor of a large church who has compiled his years of experience along side studies to write this book about life! Life's not easy for most anyone, but do we make our lives un-necessarily hard? Bob Merrit gives us steps to do well in our lives and not have to constantly have the "hard" times come. He's not saying that we'll always have good things happen to us, obviously we will face hard times as we live in a fallen world. Just that times don't necessarily have to be as hard on us, we can get through them better than we have been! and then just maybe they won't come nearly as often!!! He lists 7 important principles (for lack of a better word lol). 1. Don't quit. 2. Do a few Things well. 3. Be prepared. 4. Increase your consistency. 5. Use small tugs. 6. Stretch yourself. 7. Practice Self-control.
  Overall this really was an excellent book, I have a feeling I'll be referring back to it time and time again! He has great points and teaches in an easily understood way. I'll not only be using this book myself, but it will be one of those books that you lend out to friends!!!

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Lady in the Mist

Lady in the Mist, by Laurie Alice Eakes. The woman in Tabitha Eckles family have been midwives for generations, and Tabitha is no exception. She finds herself alone after her family all passes away. Leaving her with only her servants, that she considers her family. Tabitha blames God for not answering her prayers and for not bringing her fiance back after he took off before the wedding and got snatched by the English who forced him to fight in their war.
  Dominick is in America with some secrets of his own, passing notes to english ships and constantly out on the beach after curfew, where the men of the town of been stolen by the british ships.
  Then suddenly Tabitha's fiance returns, but carrying secrets of his own. Why did they let him go? Tabitha finds herself falling for the British servant, but unsure if she can even trust him. Then with her former fiance thrown into the picture who's trying to win her back, makes for an interesting life for Tabitha!
  This book was really good, I quite enjoyed it! There were some parts I found a little corny, such as Tabitha's constant declaration that she was a healer and could not hurt another creature. But other than that it really was a good read. It kept me captivated till the end of the book! I do recommend this book to others to read, its historically interesting as well as just a really good read!

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