Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Momology, A mom's guide to shaping great kids

Momology, A mom's guide to shaping great kids, by Shelly Radic. Well this book is basically what it says it is lol, a guide for shaping kids! She goes through lots of chapters on different areas of being a mom, with advice, suggestions and stories of other moms etc.. Shelly Radic is a part of the staff of MOPS international and an author!
     In all honesty I did find this book very frustraiting to follow, it wasn't a hard read, but I just couldn't get into reading the book. I'm not a fan of books on parenting. Not to say that she doesn't have good advice in here, she does really have good advice. But as a woman there's so much more to us than being moms and if we focus on being the woman that God created us to be and allow God to change our hearts and shape our lives. We will get to that place of being a good parent despite the books! I just finished reading a really great book about moms, but not on how to be a good mom (lol if that makes sense? lol). So to come from a book that talked about being real moms, with real struggles and real children, to a book on how to raise great kids wasn't a leap I took very well lol. For a person who is looking for a guide book on raising kids (well mostly an advice book lol, and again it did have good advice) this would be a good book for you. For me it wasn't one that I enjoy, not because it was badly done, but just because its not a type of book I enjoy reading! I do think its worth a read, but not in place of the ultimate guide book on parenting from the perfect parent (the Bible lol).

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A Tailor-made Bride

A Tailor-made Bride, by Karen Witemeyer. This book is about Hannah  Richards, who is new in town and the new and only dressmaker in town as well!! She has a great fondness for things that are beautiful and finds joy in those things! She see's this new opportunity in this new time as God's timing for her and His plan coming forth! But Jericho (or J.T.) has a very definate dislike for what he feels are shallow girls who like pretty things! He very quickly judges a book by its cover (or a woman by her dress? lol), until he realizes that she's nothing like he thought!
 This book is funny, fun, a great love story and all around a great read! I really had a lot of fun reading this book. So I'm positive for anyone that is into romance novels that you'll love this book!! I enjoyed it so much that I left all the things that needed to be done around the house for another day and read instead! Buy it, read it, you'll love it!!!

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The Homecoming

The Homecoming, by Dan Walsh. When I first started this book I didn't realize that it was the sequel to The Unfinished gift, also by Dan Walsh. it was a great surprise as I loved that first book! (I guess I probably should have read the back of the book before I started and I would have figured it out right away lol) In this book we see the continuation of the story of Shawn Conners and his son Patrick. Shawn is home from the war and back with his son, but is called on to speak around the country about the war. He has barely had time to adjust to being a single parent and to greive the death of his wife, when he's taken away again. Katherine Townsend (Patrick's social worker in the first book) finds a new place in Patricks life when she's called upon to be Patricks nanny while his father is on tour. Patrick had been heavy on her heart so this seems like a great option!
    If you've read Dan's first book, The unfinished book, you'll love this book just as much! I am such a huge fan of the first book, so I loved this book as much if not more! Its a very touching story of a family having to put the pieces of their lives back together after tragedy! I very much recommend reading this book, its going among my favorite books on the bookshelf along with The unfinished gift!!

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A hopeful heart

A hopeful heart, by Kim Vogel Sawyer. Tressa finds herself in a desperite situation. Her parents died when she was just a child, so she's moved in to live with her aunt. But because she is dowryless, she finds herself in a hard position of finding a husband who would marry her without one. Out of desperation she applies and is accepted to a new class where the woman are taught what they need to know to be a ranchers wife. Tressa soon discovers that there's more going on in this small town than just ranching and finds herself right in the middle of danger.  She also meets Abel who has his own past hurts and has no desire to ever get married. That is until Tressa comes into the picture!
    I really enjoyed reading this book! Its not the classic kind of romance novel, but has a ton of mystery and suspense tied into it as well! It'll keep you guessing to the end! I started this book in the morning and finished it by that evening! I just couldn't put it down! I'm sure any reader would enjoy this book!!!

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Maid to Match

Maid to Match, by Deeanne Gist. This book is set back in 1898, where the only hope that Tillie will ever have to see the world and to fullfil her mothers dreams, is to become Edith Vanderbilt's lady's maid. Little did she expect that she would also fall in love with one of the footman! But to keep her job at the Vanderbilt's house she must remain single! Tillie is faced with a lot of tough choices, while completely unsure what the right choice would be. Not only that, she also finds herself in the middle of a cover-up that is happening at the orphanage. This book was a great read, it was fun and capturing and all around great! I really do recommend this book if love/mysteries are your thing! I also love that Deeanne Gist set this in a time that she'd done the research in and used real people and jobs of that time. She stayed pretty close to how things actually were (The Vanderbilt's in the story being based on real people!). Again, I say read it, you won't be sorry!

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Out of the spin cycle

Out of the spin cycle, by Jen Hatmaker. I generally as a rule, do not read devotional books. Mostly because I'm not looking for "fluffy" devotions, that give you a line of scripture and spout off something that really won't benefit your walk with Jesus. Well I think Jen Hatmaker's book is the exception to that rule!! I loved this! She is hilarious, I would love to read more material or even hear her speak sometime! She keeps things very real in this book, and its not a feel good book. She's calling things as they are in this book! It is a very Bold book (by bold I mean there's no fear of offending people in her writing) and the insight she has is amazing! My absolute favorite part of this book is where she compares mommy wars to Pharisee's! (see told you she's an awesome writer lol). This book looks to take moms to a real relationship, with each other and with Jesus.  There's a lot of hard truths in here that need to be heard. I would highly recommend this book! Especially to anyone doing a moms group or a woman's bible study group, this book is sure to benefit its readers! BUY IT!!!!!

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mystically Wired, exploring new realms in prayer, by Ken Wilson

I'm not finding this an easy review to write. Not because the book wasn't well done, it was very well written! I completely appreciate the different techniques that Wilson gives to help you better relax and concentrait while praying! My only problem is this, when Christ died on the cross, he freely gave us the gifts. While we have to accept them, there is no pattern or earning technique to achieve them. You have to be very careful while reading this book not to take a legalistic approach to putting into practice what he's saying. (not that I"m saying Ken wilson's book is legalistic, I don't think it is, he has the right heart behind it) Christ said "freely you have recieved, freely give" When God gives some one a revelation, there is no pattern for someone else to recieve that same revelation. For example when you can't follow steps 1 2 3 4 and you get the revelation. It doesn't work that way. That is my concern with this book. That people might use it in such a way.