Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fashioned to Reign

Fashioned to Reign, Empowering Women to Fulfill Their Divine Destiny, by Kris Vallotton. God created women to stand along side men, not beneath them, not created of lesser value than, but to be fully equal with them. Yet for whatever reasons, the church has yet to grasp this. The Bible is full Jesus showing us just that, that woman were created equal. Yet people tend to pull out the same few verses without ever actually looking at them and rely on the tradition of the church to interpret them rather than revelation. Kris doesn't do that, he shows us the verses, shows us the other interpretations there are out there about them. Calls us to use our brains and actually seek God on what those verses mean rather than as a means to control. 
   This is a book I can't say enough good things about. I have been recommmending this book to everyone I know. It is a needed book in every church. For years I've felt like the outsider, I don't believe that God created my husband as the boss and my role as a christian wife is to do as he thinks I should. I have been created equal, and I have a brain! I am capable of intellegent decisions! The oppression in churches is unreal to me. I didn't grow up in the church and didn't really notice it till I was married and then it seemed everyone knew what my marriage should look like. I have fought against this issue for years, have lost friends over it, have had emails sent to my pastor about me more times than I care to count! But there is that part of me inside that says "no this is wrong" and while I think it would be easy sometimes to just give in and stop caring, I can't. The church needs freedom, the women within the walls of the church need freedom! An oppressed people will always rebell its only a matter of time. Kris's book was what I needed. It was that push that even though you feel alone, because freedom of women isn't a common view in most churches, that there's at least one other person out there who sees it! Who's saying its worth fighting for! This is a book that will revolutionize the church if they would just pick it up and read it! WE NEED THIS BOOK!!!!

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Trapped, by Irene Hannon. Darcy is tired of being bossed around by her older half sister Laura, she barely knows Laura and only came to live with her when her Father died. She knows she's an inconvience on her, but she was the only family she had left. So rather than dealing with this she decides to live on her own and that starts with running away.  With plans to go to Chicago and start over she packs her bags and leaves. Laura shocked to learn that her younger sister has left, hires a PI to find her. Luckly for them a major snow storm hits and they know she couldn't have travelled far. But they also know she's met some pretty sketchy people. So if they want to find her safe and alive they need to hurry. The more that Dev (the PI) investigates this case, the more he realizes that they're dealing with more than just a runaway teen. He also knows that they need to find her fast. 
    Again this is a great novel! The story was great and I loved the characters. I think we could have done without as much on the love connection story line, that was a little over done in my opinion. But it was still enough to keep me wanting to finish this book so I could find out what happend to Darcy! 

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Dangerous Passage

Dangerous Passage, by Lisa Harris. Avery knows death, with her brother killed on the job as well as her husband. She's seen enough to last her a life time, but when two deaths happen that seem to be linked. She moves in to solve the crimes. Looking for a potentional serial killer she teams up wih Jackson the medical examiner, professionally, as well as romantically. Things take a twist though while investigating the murders and they soon find that they're into something much bigger than they origianally thought! Not only that, but these people are determined not to be found and are willing to do what ever it takes to scare Avery off the case. 
    This book had everything! Enough suspense to keep you in it till the end, romance that wasn't over the top, and a story line that you wanted to stay involved in! I thouroughly enjoyed reading this book! It was one of those "you don't put it down till its done" novels!

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Parenting your powerful child

Parenting your Powerful Child, by Dr. Kevin Leman.  Parenting a child who is a born leader is probably one of the hardest things a parent will come across! But it is also one of the most rewarding!! Kids can try many ways to try and gain the upper hand on their parents, but as parents we need to recognize this is happening and work with our children to raise them into well rounded heathy adults. Not adults with entitlement issues. Dr. Leman's book teaches about the different stratagies that kids use to manipulate parents and he holds parents to a standard that says, you're the parent, act like it! The goal of raising powerful children isn't to break their spirits, thats a horrible idea and one that leads to adults with issues! Rather we want to work with their strengths and empower them, while also parenting them. While it can be very tiring and easier to just give in and go back to the things we've always done, there are so many rewards in seeing it through! I really liked this book. I have a strong willed child, who tests our patience daily, but she's also so rewarding! I think the advice he gives is great and works on building children up rather than tearing them down so they'll listen. I compeltely agree with his focus on giving them chioce and also letting the see the consequenses/rewards of the choices they make. Over all this book gets a great review! Its needed in our society today!

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10 great dates

10 great dates, by Peter and Heather Larson and David and Claudia Arp. I wouldn't say this is really a date night of fun kinda book lol, but rather something you'd want to do to builder a deeper relationship with your spouce and with God. They focus on drawing you to learn more of your spouce and to do things together that open yourselves up to each other. We also find a what to do section, or I guess you could call it home work/prepwork type work. These aren't your average dates where you're out for a night of fun (which is nice and needed), but rather one where you're looking for a truely intimate relationship with your spouce. 
     When I first saw this book I thought, "great another marriage book". as you can tell I'm not a fan of marriage books lol. I find that most do not actually focus on each other but are much rather a "wives submit to your husband" type books that I vehemently disagree with! I was plesently surprised with this book though that it is not like that at all! its all about working together and building your relationship with each other and with God. It calls for both the husband and wife to be involved. In the end I actually really liked this book! Its one I will be passing on to other people!!

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