Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lazarus awakening

Lazarus Awakening, by Joanna Weaver. In this book Joanna Weaver confrims that God loves us. Each and every one of us dispite what we do or don't do. His love is unconditional and always available! People tend to have a hard time believing that an all powerful, Holy God could love some one like them. With all the terrible stuff they've done, or the lack of things they should have done. How could God love us? Joanna looks at scripture and shows us how none of those things are dependant on God's love for us, He simply loves us because we're his children! He loves the unloveables!
 This book is an awesome reminder of God's love for his people, I really enjoyed it! So often we're taught all the "rules" of living a christian life while forgetting the freedom and love that comes from God. When we live a rules based lifestyle its easy to loose the belief that God really does love you. I highly recommend this book to every woman out there! I recall reading her book Having a mary heart in a Martha world. This book is just as good!!

*Book was recieved in exchange for an honest review from litfuse.

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