Monday, January 16, 2012

Real Marriage, The truth about sex, friendship, and life together.

     Real Marriage, the truth about sex, friendship, and life together, by Mark and Grace Driscoll. In this book we hear the story of how Mark and Grace met and came to be married. We also learn of their struggles of unsolved issues prior to their marriage. From their experience and understanding of scripture, we hear what they believe a married couple should look like. From being best friends, to answering questions about sex, they pretty much cover it all!
     I was pretty excited to read this book when I heard that Mark and Grace Driscoll were releasing a book about marriage. Mark Driscoll has a very to the point and blunt way of speaking  and writing. I appreciate that in a speaker/author as you know where they stand and there's no guessing! I particularly liked the chapter titled "friends with benefits" I felt that was an important topic he brought up. I was also impressed to find a Christian author willing to tackle the subject of sex in marriage and what is permissible. It is a subject that seems to be so taboo to talk about still in the churches that its refreshing to find some one who's not embarrassed or too intimidated to broach the subject. There was a fair amount of this book where I did agree with Mark and Grace, but there was also a fair amount of the book where I do disagree. I feel they took some liberties of equating their personal opinion to scripture and being the ultimate truth, when it was indeed only their opinion. While also really appreciate bluntness and boldness I also think there is a balance of speaking (writing) that way with class, which I think at some points they failed to do. So while I did enjoy portions of this book, my recommendation for it is that I would only recommend it to people who are firmly rooted in their faiths and beliefs, and as with everything book you read or speaker you hear, you compare what they say to the word of God. You throw out the bad and keep the good! So that's what I feel I've done with this book, picked out the good stuff, which is really great, and then toss out that which is inaccurate! If you have the ability to do so without being swayed by personal opinion, but the ability to stick to scripture and develop your own opinion, then I feel this book would be worth reading for you. But again, not for those who are easily swayed.

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