Friday, April 6, 2012

The Messenger

The Messenger, by Siri Mitchell. Hannah Sunderland is a dedicated Quaker. She's grown up in the Quaker faith and has spent her life dedicated to following it. That is until her brother, unable to remain uninvolved in the war that is taking advantage of people, joins the resistance. Now Hannah finds herself going to the prison, not only to bring food to her brother to ensure his survival, but also as a spy for the resistance. Which is absolutely not allowed by the Quaker church, who's stance is to stay uninvolved. As she gets further and further into the deceit of being a spy, she also finds herself falling deeper and deeper for the man working with her. She questions her faith and the Quaker faith, and has to decide what road she is going to travel.
  This ended up being a really good book! I was a little thrown off at the beginning of the book, just because of the way that Hannah spoke. Its not a way of speaking that I'm accustom to hearing, so it was a little hard at first to read the book and have it flow. But once I was used to the character it became easy to forget and get lost in the story! It was a thrilling story filled with so much suspense! I loved this book!

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