Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A change of fortune

A change of fortune, by Jen Turano. Eliza Sumner looses her father and if that weren't devastating enough she finds out that a man who used to work for them has also ran off with all her money too! So in effort to gain back her money and catch the man who stole it she masquerades as a governess. She runs into Mr. Becket at a rather unfortunate dinner party, where she seems to do nothing else but make a fool of herself all evening. After attempting a breaking at the house of the man who stole her money she soon finds that she and Mr. Becket have even more in common than she thought. They're both after this thief! So they team up to bring him to justice and restore her fortune!
Well a good book is one that should lead you into knowing what the characters are feeling without having to be obvious and tell you. Unfortunately this was the latter of those too. The author rather than letting us experience the characters would just tell us about them. I found the story very choppy, it was kind of all over the place and as a result not very easy to follow. I found myself not really enjoying reading this novel!

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