Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sweet Mercy

Sweet Mercy, by Ann Tatlock. Eve's family finds themselves moving after her father learns that he's been laid off from his job. Jobs are hard to come by in that time and when the offer comes from her uncle for her Father and her mother and Eve to accept jobs at his lodge, they jump at the chance. St. Paul was an awful place to live anyway, the gang activity was high and St. Paul looks like a refuge for any and all gangsters. Their time at the lodge is going wonderful! They love their jobs, they're meeting people who are quickly becoming friends and most of all they're reconnecting with their family that's been estranged for years. Eve has fallen for a boy that she can see her self spending the rest of her life with. That is all until it all unravels one night. Eve learns that a good portion of the businesses in their town are involved in bootlegging. There's quite a brilliant scheme of transporting the liquor and a lot of money to be made in the business. But Eve has a strong conscience when it comes to alcohol and fully supports the prohibition. She couldn't stay silent even if she wanted to since the law would hold her criminally responsible for keeping quiet. But it also means biting the hand that feeds them as well. Not an easy choice for a young girl to make. 
     This was also a great book, I feel like a broken record with every review I do saying what a great book, but seriously they are! I've enjoyed reading this book so much, I love An Tatlock's writing style and since I'd already read a book by her that is my favourite book ever, I was looking forward to reading this one too! I was not disappointed! Its a book that just makes your heart happy!!

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