Thursday, October 19, 2017

Doing busy better

doing busy better, by Glynis whitwer.  I find that it is a mom and a wife that my life seems to be pretty busy. I also found that I enjoy being busy all the time for a period of time. But there's just something that happens to you when you don't take that time to have that godly rest. In this book Glynnis  reveals to us the truth it's sitting right in front of our faces. That Jesus gives us rest. Jesus said my yoke is light and my burden is easy yet we find it so hard to put that into practice.  The author points out or unhealthy practises and or false believes about identity and who we are when we tie it into what we do. There is much benefit to the rest that she talks about including a rest for your soul and your spirit.  We need to find the things that really matter and stop associating ourselves and our identity with things that don't matter.  In this book we find a way to prioritize and figure out what actually matters and how to make those moments count when we are busy. Most of all we find the  The most beneficial thing and that is to rest at the feet of Jesus. Sometimes all we really need is someone to give us permission to rest. For someone to tell us that it's OK to not be busy all the time, in this book we find the tearing apart of lies that we tell ourselves and others tell us. This is a great  Book and although it is geared towards moms and wives it is a truth that all people need. This was a great book and a very timely book. I highly recommend it and this author.

" Book has been provided courtesy of baker publishing group and graf-martin communications Inc."

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