Saturday, March 13, 2010

Gigi's Hugest Announcement

I just recieved the DVD based on the books by Sheila Walsh- gigi God's little princess . This dvd has two stories in it The first one "The Royal Tea Party" Gigi wants to share with her best frined Frances that she is also God's princess, but being Gigi, wants to do it the most royal way she can. Which leads to trying to plan an extravegant tea party. In the end she realizes that its not the tea party that's important, just the news that God also loves Frances. The second story on this dvd is "The Pink Ballerina", where Gigi learns a verse at sundayschool about dancing for the Lord. She decides that the most royal way to dance is ballet and so begins Gigi's troubles! She discovers that God isn't only please when we do things perfectly for him, but that we love others and try!
     I have two little girls who adore the Gigi, God's little princess books and movies! So I was excited to see this come up on Booksneeze to review! My kids love anything princess and I love that it teaches them about being God's princess and lessons that are consistant with our beliefs as Christians. I strongly encourage any parent of young girls to get these movies for thier chidre, they're are excellent and you don't have to worry about what you're child is watching. They don't teach inappropriate behavior or bad language etc... You're children get to watch movies about Godly character!

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