Wednesday, May 12, 2010

NCV Dad's Bible, the Father's plan

I recieved this Bible from booksneeze to review and I was so excited to get it! I already have the Mom's Bible for myself and really enjoy it, so I was sure that this Bible would be just as good as that one! You have to go into it realizing that its not a study Bible, so you can't expect study bible stuff in it! It does have a lot of little extra's to it such as : Walking in authority. Godly Character, Passing it on, Dad's in the Bible, Building your children, Insights, question and answer resource and topical index. Over all if you're looking for a good study Bible, this is not it. But I really enjoy this translation and what it has in it. and I"m fairly certian that my husband will enjoy it just as much when I give it to him!! lol. So its worth a buy, but you'll want to read it along side something else as a study guide.


  1. Hi Trisha, I found your website thru the booksneeze website and noticed that you review books for Revell Books. I am interested in doing more book reviews and was wondering if you could tell me how to sign up for Revell and any other companies you might review for. I would really appreciate any info or advice you could give me. Thanks Brenda

  2. I was contacted through booksneeze by revell, so sign up for booksneeze if you haven't and keep doing lots of reviews and I believe thats how they find you! Good luck