Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Momology, A mom's guide to shaping great kids

Momology, A mom's guide to shaping great kids, by Shelly Radic. Well this book is basically what it says it is lol, a guide for shaping kids! She goes through lots of chapters on different areas of being a mom, with advice, suggestions and stories of other moms etc.. Shelly Radic is a part of the staff of MOPS international and an author!
     In all honesty I did find this book very frustraiting to follow, it wasn't a hard read, but I just couldn't get into reading the book. I'm not a fan of books on parenting. Not to say that she doesn't have good advice in here, she does really have good advice. But as a woman there's so much more to us than being moms and if we focus on being the woman that God created us to be and allow God to change our hearts and shape our lives. We will get to that place of being a good parent despite the books! I just finished reading a really great book about moms, but not on how to be a good mom (lol if that makes sense? lol). So to come from a book that talked about being real moms, with real struggles and real children, to a book on how to raise great kids wasn't a leap I took very well lol. For a person who is looking for a guide book on raising kids (well mostly an advice book lol, and again it did have good advice) this would be a good book for you. For me it wasn't one that I enjoy, not because it was badly done, but just because its not a type of book I enjoy reading! I do think its worth a read, but not in place of the ultimate guide book on parenting from the perfect parent (the Bible lol).

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