Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A lasting impression

A lasting impression, by Tamera Alexander. Claire took over her mother's position in the family business after she fell ill. In an effort to help her mom feel better, but despite all that Claire did her mother didn't make it. So Claire finds herself now stuck working for her father at what she hates. Making forgeries of other artists works that her father than sells as originals. But then an unhappy customer returns to the store after purchasing some prints and Claire finds her father near death on the floor. He instructs her to leave and go to another town, that he would join her shortly. But Claire discovers that her father never made it that day and ended up dying. Claire, no longer wanting the life she used to have sets out on her own and gets a position as a personal liaison to a wealthy woman who has a taste for art. Which Claire is passionate about making a name for herself in it. If only she can hid her past from everyone....
     Well, I did enjoy this book to an extent. The story line is really good, and it is very well written. The part that I thought was rough was that it was just too long. The author dwelled too much on some parts of the story and it made the story seem to drag on. I felt it would have been an excellent story had the author just made it a little more fast paced. So while I like the story, it was very hard to read and pay attention.

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