Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Journey to Heaven

My Journey to Heaven, by Marvin Besteman. What we have here is a true story of a man's visit to heaven and who he got to all meet and what he saw! From Meeting Peter, to seeing the Lambs book, seeing and being guided by Angels, Amazing! In the midst of his suffering after a surgery for a pancreatic tumor, God took him to experience one of the greatest things one could ever imagine. How precious that the Lord would take him in the midst of his pain and show him the promises that await him! We live in a time and day where we have what we perceive of little "need" of God, so many don't know the saviour and His love and desire for them to be with him, He's not willing that any should perish! So God bless this man that would write a book detailing what God showed him that can Pierce into the unbeliever's heart! It is exactly what is needed in this time and day for some one to show that God is present and he is real! This is a book for everyone, give it as a gift, keep one, but it is a story that needs to be told! Simply an amazing book about an amazing experience!

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