Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Hidden Truth

A Hidden Truth, by Judith Miller.  Dovie is comsumed with discovering her mother's past after her mother dies. she knows her mother was never truly happy and she senses it has to do with being taken away from the Amana colony. So when her father decides to move to Texas, Dovie requests to go visit her cousins on the colony.  Her father reluctantly agrees and Dovie arrives to a world she's never experienced before! She's digging as hard as she can into her mother's past but it seems as though no on will cooperate with her on her task at the colony. So she decides she's going to have to find out her self, only she's not the greatest detective out there! Dovie finds more than she bargined for on her visit with her cousins!
    What a fantastic book! I think I've found a new series that I love!!! I can't wait for another book to come out! its well written, the suspense is great! You just get lost in this book! I felt like I was there watching them live out this book! Fantastic! I can't wait for more! this is a huge must read, it was such a good book I want to hug it!

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