Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Grace, by Max Lucado. Grace isn't something that is easily grasped by believers. It's a concept that is hard to believe or accept! Why would God offer it to us so freely? Can we ever really comprehend it and what is expected of us in showing grace to others? Max takes us through the stories of Jesus and how showed grace to "sinners", such as the woman caught in adultery. As well as the scriptures to give us a full understanding of what it means and how much it cost!

Max Lucado tackles the subject of grace in this book and my goodness does he ever do an amazing job! I am not a cryer, but I spent the majority of time reading this book in tears! It is so wonderful! If you've ever wondered what God thinks of you, Max Lucado does an amazing job showing you! If I could afford to buy 100 copies of this book just to hand out I would! It is an amazing book that is necessary for all of us to discover! This belongs in the hands of every believer! What an amazingly talented man! God has given him the gift of being able to convey his truths with much impact! I really can't say enough about this book, it is a must have!

Received this book in exchange for an honest review from book sneeze.

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