Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Uncomfortable Church

The Uncomfortable Church, by Dr. Lawrence Brice. There is a subject out there in the churches that seems to be hard to answer. How do you incorporate homosexual people into your congregation and should you? Dr. Brice tackles this subject and how the church responds to them and how they should respond to them. While we all know the negatives of the homosexual lifestyle, he also shows us that there are some positive characteristics that they inhabit. He covers topics from should there be gay marriage, should the church support it, and is the Bible clear on if its wrong or not. 
     This is an intense book that covers a wide range of topics involved in the homosexual lifestyle. I found it very hard to follow, just because he seemed to say one thing and then contradict it in the next paragraph/chapter/etc. Even after reading through the book I'm still unsure of what his stance is on homosexuals in the church? I know my view and that is that Christ loves us despite or sins or choices in life. we don't hate or try to condemn people to hell based on other sins and perhaps its about time for the church to realize that e need to look past the sins and see the persona and care more for their souls than their lifestyles. Thats not saying you don't call sin a sin, you do, but you have to care more for the person than taking a stand against what they're doing. 

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