Monday, July 15, 2013

Though mountains fall

Though Mountains Fall, Daughters of Caleb Bender Series #3, by Dale Cramer. This is the third book in this Amish series where we follow Caleb's family and their time in Mexico. They left America to get away from the government that is trying to regulate what and how the Amish children are being taught, everything that goes against their beliefs. They arrive in Mexico and while they are free to teach the children as they see fit, they are not however without problems. Bandits being the biggest and most dangerous problem they have. Being a peaceful people they have no way of protecting their land or their families. One of their daughters married a Mexican man and now faces being banished for it. Now a bishop is considering moving out there, which will mean great things for the community, they'll be able to marry, have proper services, etc! But first he needs to see for himself that it would be a good move for his family! With so many problems in the community Caleb wonders if it was worth it at all, and if they should just give up and move back home. 
     I adored this book! I've loved every book in Dale Cramer's Amish series! He gives us such a strong passionate picture of love, grace and faith! We feel the courage of Caleb as he tried to lead his family in Mexico and we even feel his loss when he realizes it was a mistake! It's a story that inspires you and encourages you. Amish novels are among my favourite fiction and this was no exception! 

Book was received in exchange of an honest review from Bethany house publishers

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