Monday, July 15, 2013

The Lesson

The Lesson, by Suzanne Woods Fisher. This is the third book in the stony ridge seasons series. This time we hear about M.K. Though we met her in previous novels and discovered her ability to get into trouble, this book is dedicated to hearing all about her! Carelessness may be one of M.K.'s worst qualities, she doesn't mean to but things grab her attention and her mind wanders, then before she knows it she's said something or done something to land herself in hot water. Which is exactly what happened when M.K. Accidentally ran over the school teacher on her scooter. Now due to the exaggeration of injuries MK is assigned to sub for the injured teacher. But what does MK know about teaching? She find an elder Amish woman and discovers she used to teach, God placed someone in her path to help her! Yet she again finds herself in trouble when she heard a shot fired and finds a man shot when she goes and investigates. Not only that but she saw a man running from the scene! Her mind working over time her suspicions turn to a new young Amish man in the community and is convinced that he is the murderer.
      This book was so good! I found myself getting so annoyed at MK and all her assumptions, but it was also so funny! Gossip seems to be a problem among all people! It was great hearing about MK after the first two novels! This is a fun book with a great lesson! I don't just recommend this book, but also recommend getting the series! It is so good!!!

Book was received in exchange for an honest review from Graf-Martins communication 

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