Friday, August 2, 2013

Surviving an affair

Surviving an affair, by Willard F. Harley jr. And Jennifer Harley Chalmers. To start off I need to clarify that I have no personal experiences in affairs. So I wasn't coming at this book looking for it to help me fix something. As far as how much it will help, I really can't say because I don't think I can even imagine the heartache that an affair causes. But it was an interesting read to glimpse into that world through these authors and their explanations of why affairs happen and how to survive it. I do think though that the authors need to thread very carefully on how they talk about the "fault" of the affair as it seemed to me sometimes that they leaned towards the "innocent" party being the one to drive the other to an affair. It takes the bigger person to start searching for healing in a relationship and it takes a lot of forgiveness! I would pass this book along if I did find myself speaking to dine one going through this situation because it does have some very good points! But like I said I do think they needed to be a little more cautious.

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