Friday, August 2, 2013

Trouble in store

Trouble in store, by Carol Cox. Out of options. That's where Melanie finds herself, she has no where else to turn when she finds a store has been left to her by a relative. With no other options she moves in to take over! Well not only was the store left to her, but it was also left to Caleb by his uncle, who happened to be a co-owner! So an unlikely partner ship is made, not happily made mind you. And surely if Caleb can find done one for Melanie to marry, anyone really, she would leave the mercantile to him! Except that he didn't expect for feelings to get in the way....he also didn't expect mystery and intrigue to get in the way either! Dead bodies, gossiping people, will they even survive working in this place? 
   Great book! And a fun read! It kept me captivated beginning to end! I love these books that don't make their female characters simple and unable to manage anything!  Put it in your Christian must read list!!

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