Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A simple change

A simple change, by Judith Miller. In this second novel of the series we meet Jancey Rhoder. She's a trained teacher who's using this passion for teaching to volunteer to teach children at an orphanage who'd otherwise be left behind. She loves her work and can't picture ever leaving them behind! Only her mother is sick, and getting worse. The doctors have done all they know to do. Her parents made the decision to return to the Amana colony they grew up on. They left years earlier when they fell in love and didn't want to separate for the year that the colony required. But this is where Jancey's mother wishes to live out her last days. Jancey decides to go with them to care for her mother, but that means leaving the job behind and her life behind. Nathan, who's pretty sure he's going to marry Jancey, is less than pleased with this decision and eagerly awaits for Jancey to see how foolish she's been and return to him. Except that Jancey isn't hating her new life! 
     This was such a great book! Self sacrifice, love, honouring are just a few of the words to describe it! It really was a joy to read this book! To learn about a group of people I know little about! I'm ready for the next book in this series to come out! Hopefully it's done soon!!! 

Book was received curtesy of Bethany house in exchange of an honest review.

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