Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Welcome to last chance

Welcome to last chance, by Cathleen Armstrong. Lainie is driving down the highway escaping her past when lights start to go on. The dashboard lights that is. The car is making some terrible noises and Lainie is begging it to at least make it to somewhere when she arrives at her last chance...literally the town is called last chance in New Mexico. Feeling a little stranded and spending a night sleeping in her car, Lainie is surprised when strangers want to help her. One welcomes her into her home and gives her a place to call home as long as she needs it! As much as Lainie seems to scoff at this small town she is definitely falling for its charm! Only the past she was trying to escape is still looking for her and threatens to ruin what she has found in last chance. 
     Again this was a book I really enjoyed! It's easy to fall in live with the characters and to cheer them on! I found myself trying to tell Lainie what to do whole reading the novel lol, "no don't do that! Listen to them", etc. again this whole reading series thing is hard to keep up with I may have to ignore life for a week or so to get all caught up with the characters in the books I love when the new books come out! 

Book was received curtesy from Revell in exchange of an honest review. 

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