Monday, April 7, 2014

Wildwood creek

Wildwood creek, by Lisa windgate.

     Allie has always dreamed of working on movie sets, not as an actress, but behind the scenes just as her father had done. So when a sort of reality show came to town she jumped at the chance to get in, even if it was doing all the grunt work. She never dreamed, nor really wanted to work in front of the camera, but she does what she has to do. 
    Bonnie Rose and her sister are kidnapped when her parents are murdered, they eventually find their way out, but life won't be the same. They need a new start where people don't know their past. So Bonnie accepts a teaching position in a settlement far way and they start their journey, only it's not the life she thought she'd have.
     This book kinda half had me lol, I loved reading about Bonnie Rose and her life, but I couldn't find myself getting into Allie's story. It was hard to switch back and forth to two different story's although they were connected. I was intrigued with Bonnie and found myself wanting to just skip ahead to her parts of the story. It was kinda two separate books written side by side that eventually connected. Not a style I would want to read again, but I really did enjoy the one half so it's still on my list of good book! 

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