Friday, August 15, 2014

Relaxing With God

Relaxing With God, by Andrew Farley.  So many times we're told how we are not enough, we don't give enough to God, we don't try hard enough for God, We don't do enough. As though there is some scale in heaven that we must meet to be rewarded. Jesus made our journey with him possible and more than that he made the way to Him simple! He tells us His "yoke is easy and burden is light" yet we fail to grasp that, and fail to realize our full potential in Him. We need to those times to just be with him and not be burdened down by the "must do" things that the world around us and the church puts on us. We've strayed from where we need to be to a place of believing that our works are worth far more than they actually are. Andrew Farley uses scripture and revelation to teach us how to just be with God, that we don't need to feel the condemnation that the world would put on us.
     I really was looking forward to reading this book, as far as I can remember I've never read a book from this author! I really appreciated his desire to see a people set free from the "must do" lists that we as christians put on ourselves and think are Godly. It was a book that touches the heart! That said I also need to put a slight caution on it as it tends to have a once saved always saved lean on it. As well as there were some areas that to me just didn't match up with scripture. I wasn't so leary that I wouldn't recommend it as I think people are smart enough to realize those things on their own and ask questions! Its still a great book and one much needed for this time!

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