Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Truth Be Told

Truth Be Told, by Carol Cox. Amelia is heading home, believing she's to be catching up with her father and visiting. But when she finds herself saying good bye instead and grieving the death of her father. Left in her hands is her father's news paper. Once a good strong resources has since dwindled since her father's illness. Amelia takes over and is determined that she will only be reporting the truth, its just not with in her to lie.As she starts researching her father's stories she comes across one that catches her eye about the mine. She starts to dig deeper to try and unravel the story that the mine tried to silence her father on speaking about. Throw Ben into the story, who's assignment was to keep tabs on Amelia, but soon they discover that there is something to the things her father had been writing about the mine, not only that but then romance blossoms between Ben and Amelia. Amelia never dreamed that owning a news paper could be this dangerous or exciting.
  I enjoyed this book, it was pretty fast moving and it seemed a bit predictable in the story line, but that said it was still well written and captivating enough to keep readers there till the end. I'm really just not a big fan of romance novels, which this definitely is, so that part of the story line didn't capture my attention as much. The mystery of the mine did though! I would say its definitely worth a read!

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