Thursday, April 23, 2015

Anna's crossing

Anna's crossing, by Suzanne woods fisher. Anna's people are making the long ship ride from Germany to America in hopes of leaving the persecution their people recieved behind. Anna is hesitant to go, not wanting to leave her home, but also wanting to make sure her people arrive safely in America. So they set off for America, crammed on to a ship that is holding far more people than it should. It's on this ship that Anna meets Bairn, drawn to him for some reason. Bairn grew up on ships after being orphaned as a child, he resents the "peculiar"people and the faith they represent. Yet there's something about Anna that draws him to her, he finds himself caring for her but knowing that since she's Amish and he is not, they could never be together. Fighting for survival and fighting to be kept safe from those on the ship we travel with Anna across the ocean. 
     I loved loved loved this book!!! Suzanne fisher is one of my favourite authors! This book was wonderful! She did her research on actual events to improve the storyline. It's so well written and so capturing! A great novel that I'd absolutely recommend!

Book was recieved in exchange of an honest review. 

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