Thursday, April 23, 2015

More than just the talk

More than just the talk, by Jonathon Mckee. In this book Jonathan McKee tackles the "sex talk" and why it is so important for us to have an open and honest dialog about sex. I think this is one of the hardest issues we have to tackle as parents. There is so much "sex" information (well wrong information) available to our children through tv, books, movies, magazines, music,etc. children are becoming aware of porn at younger and younger ages. Which makes the parents job of instilling the truth so much more important. I think my favourite thing that the author talked about was interacting with our kids in regards to sex and and mistakes they may make rather than over reacting! The church as a whole has a history of over reacting to sin, rather than talking about it and helping people out of it. I think this is a wonderful resource and am so encouraged by reading it and feel like I have more tools at had for talking to my kids on this topic. I have already been telling people I know all about this book and how good it is! Parents kinda need these books! Well done! 

Book was recieved in exchange for an honest review

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