Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Boy who changed the world

The Boy who changed the world, by Andy andrew. In this book we follow the story of three people Norman Borlaug, Henry Wallace, and George Washington Carver. How they all were connected and how they all in some way changed the world. from Norman who decided as a boy that he wanted to help feed hungry people around the world, so becomes a scientist and discovers a way to use his knowledge on food to save 2 billion people. To Moses Carver who decided to rescue a small black child in a time where it was frowned on to do so. That little boy becomes an inventor who also changes the world.  We see the butterfly effect of what each decision we make can have!
  I thought this was a great book, it teaches the lesson that anyone can change the world in some way. Just by helping some one, it doesn't have to be a huge thing, but the butterfly effect from that can change the world. I would think it would be for older children (8 years plus) as its a little long and wordy for children younger. I read it to my children (4 and 6 years old) and they got the message right away and loved it!

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