Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Love Charleston

Love Charleston, by Beth Webb Hart. In this novel we meet Anne, who heard a word from God years ago telling her that she should stay in charleston and she would find her love there. But years passed and no one came along. Now she's doubting what she heard and with the encouragement of family is considering moving. A new rector moves to town, could this be the man that God had told Anne about? He seems so unsure of himself let alone being in love. We also follow the story of a couple of other ladies in anne's family. One who seems to have it all, yet no ones happy. Another who was happy until her artist husband couldn't financially support the family anymore. All looking for a happier life.
 This really wasn't the book I expected it to be, its a good read, I really enjoyed it! Its not quite romance, not quite fully suspense. It has so many unexpected twists to it! Read it, once you pick it up it'll be stuck in your hands! lol

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