Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Thorn

The Thorn, by Beverly Lewis. In this book we follow the story of two amish girls. Years ago "Hen" (her nickname) met and outsider and fell in love. She ran off and left the amish life to marry this man and excluded her family for years. That is until her own child was born and getting to a impressionable age. She realizes that she longs for her amish life back and for her daughter to grow up in an amish family. Yet Hen's husband is far from amish and not sure he even believes in God. With out him becoming amish, there's little chance the Bishop will allow Hen back into the community with out him.
    Rose after seeing her sister Hen run off and get married and hurting the rest of the family by discluding them get, decides to join the church and forgo the time in a young amish person's life where they can get in a little trouble. Its the least she can do help her parents realize she won't run off like her sister. But when Nick, Rose's best friend is in the picture. No one's sure if she can keep with that promise or is her heart falling for him?
   I can't even begin to tell you how much I loved this book! Beverly Lewis does an amazing job depicting the amish life in all her books. She is among my favorite authors in amish writing! This book does not disappoint and again is one that you'll pick up and not be able to put down! definately buy this book, borrow it, whatever, just get a copy I know you'll love it!

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