Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fruit of the Spirit: Love

Fruit of the Spirit: Love, by Calvin Miller. In this book we find a study guide on the book of Galatians focusing on the fruit of the spirits, mainly love. Calvin miller does a six week study on the subject of love and its practical application and results in our lives. The book is set up in such a way that it can be done by either using it for personal devotion time, or to do it as a group. included is also study questions to get discussion going. Calvin Miller takes a foundational look at love in Galatians and what it should look like to us and how we should be using it.
 I'm not too sure what kind of review to give this book? I did enjoy it for what it was, and that was a simple devotional book, looking at the foundations of love. What I had expected from the description of the book was an in-depth look at love and that it was not. I am the kind of person that likes to research things in the bible. I like to know who wrote, why they wrote it, who it was written too, what it meant to the people of that time as well as to go back to the Hebrew of that verse and see how that's been changed in translation, etc. To me that is an in-depth look at love. That's what I really wanted to find in this book, but it was not. The daily reading is really easy and can been done in a short amount of time every day, and yes it would probably do well in a group setting of people discussing. I can't give it a bad review as it is a good devotional and study, that does teach about love, but its not an in-depth look at it and I imagine it would do really well as a study for new believers or as a refresher on love!

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