Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Regret Free Parenting

Regret Free Parenting, by Catherine Hickem. In this book we look at parenting in a way that leaves you happy with how you raised your kids, with obviously the end goal being respectful good children into adults. Catherine gives us 7 principles in her book that let you know if you are doing well, as well as a lot of examples and stories of these working in her own life/family. She also breaks it down in ages from little to adolescence. She even includes homework (workbook type deal) at the end of the book ;).  Basically she tells us we need a plan (a good one lol) in place about how we're going to raise our children and stick to it! Most importantly our relationship with God is number one priority, if we aren't living in an intimate relationship with God we can't possibly get parenting right!
 Over all I think this book is pretty good! I like her insight and her idea's on parenting and I like that she does so biblically. I haven't tried it all out yet with my family, but I intend to! It sounds like a good idea and at least worth trying! I don't think you need to grasp ahold of everything she teaches, but she does give some great advice to us parents for getting it right! I do recommend this book, I actually really enjoyed it!

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review of this book. Not in exchange for a good review, which if you read the rest of my reviews you'll see I do give bad reviews when I deem it necessary.

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