Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Paws and Tales, biblical wisdom for kids and give away!!!

Paws and Tales, biblical widom for kids, by Chuck Swindoll. In this video series we meet a group of friends who get into different adventures that tie in biblical truths. There are two episodes on this dvd. The first one being "a good neighbor" where all the kids decide to built their own forts/club houses after disagreeing on how it should be built. But they miss the foundational requirements to build a secure club house and end up in some trouble! This episode is tied in with making God your strong foundation and that anything you build on it will be strong! They also end it with a music video that is quite entertaining! The second episode on this dvd is "The good shepherd". C.J. and Ned decide to be shepherds for a day, but then wolves attack the sheep when C.J. falls asleep on the job and the sheep suffer. So C.J. and ned come up with a plan to take care of the sheep and the wolves! This story is tied into the Bible by comparing it to Jesus, the good shepherd. And how he takes care of us in every situation and is always alert!
    From my four year old daughter on this video:
-what did you learn from this video? "Jesus is my shepherd
-did you like this video? "ya"
-Would you watch more video's like this? "yes"
-what is your favorite person on the video? "the sheep are my favorite"
-what was your favorite part? "when ned dressed up as a sheep, it was funny"

I found this dvd to be good. It's obviously geared towards younger children (6 and under), and my children found it a very entertaining series. I liked that it did include talking about God and Jesus and used scripture. While for the most part I don't think the kids will get that the story is a comparison of the biblical truth, but since they spell it out for you in the end it does get the point across! This is a video I feel find letting my children watch as it doesn't have any questionable scenes or language! Over all I would recommend this video to parents of young kids!! for more information on this series please check out http://www.tyndale.pawsandtalesgames.com and http://www.tyndale.com/ .

Now for the giving away part of this review!!! Simply just comment on the blog post and then I will randomly select (using and online selector) and check back monday morning to see who won a Free new copy of this dvd!! (will come in a coupon that you simply take to your local store to recieve the video or you can mail it in and tyndale will send you the video no shipping charge!)

This video was recieved compliments of Tyndale in exchange for an honest review!

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