Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Blessed

The Blessed, by Ann H. Gabhart. Lacey was taken in by the preacher and his wife as a young teenager to help Mona around the house. Mona seemed like the very voice of God, she always seemed to have the right words to say, and comfort to bring. When a small babe was dropped on their door step Mona never hesitated to accept the child as her own, the same went with Lacey. Four years later finds Mona in poor health and passing away. Lacey determined to keep the child that she helped raise as a daughter close to her as she can, does what ever it takes to make that happen. Even marry the mean preacher and then move to a shaker village.
  I found the first couple of chapters a little confusing to figure out who was who and what the story line was, but once past there the story was magnificent! The shakers are an intriguing people and Ann Gabhart did well to make this into a story line for her novel! I've read other novels of Ann H Gabhart and have always enjoyed them and this one was no different. I love the story of forgiveness of yourself and from God in this story. Its a book that speaks to the heart of its readers!

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