Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Blessing

The Blessing, Giving the gift of unconditional love and acceptance, by John Trent and Gary Smalley. This is the first book I've read by either John Trent or Gary Smalley, Although my husband has red books by Gary Smalley and recommends them quite often. So when the chance came up to review this book from booksneeze I took the opportunity. I dove right in the first day it arrived in the mail! I was not disappointed at all! It looks at the story of Jacob and Esau in a way I'd never read it before. They point out the five critical areas that a parent needs to give their child; Meaningful touch, a spoken message, attaching high value, picturing a special future and active commitment. This is not only for parents, but also for those who feel they haven't been given the "blessing" by their parents, family, friends, etc.. They include stories of life for those who didn't receive any of these five things from their parents and how to get past it. They show the pro's of having the blessing and the con's of not having it. They speak in a very blunt, but honest and loving way, I really appreciated that! This is a book that I'll be hanging on to for years and recommending it to friends/family. In fact I plan on using this book as a study for moms that we do at our church weekly in the fall. This is an excellent book that every parent should possess.

this book was received in exchange for an honest review from booksneeze.

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