Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My life and Lesser Catastrophes

My life and lesser Catastrophes, by Christina Schofield. We begin this book by hearing about Christina Schofield and her family. Her husbands job that takes up a lot of his time, the precious memories that they're making with a busy toddler, and how to try and fit in time with each other with busy scheduals. After it seems like Christina's husband has forgot about their anniversary he decides to take her for a quick ride on the motorcycle to celebrate it. Both cherish these times of riding on the motorcycle and have done it many times before. Except that this time is different. This time they hit a patch of loose gravel that sends them both flying off the bike. Christina with the exception of a concussion, has only some bumps and bruises. But her husband Allen, broke his neck. Life seems to shatter for the family as they try to pull themselves back together and ask the big questions.
  I don't know what to all say about this book, it was simply amazing and needed. We all get questions about our faith and in dark times question everything. But its not often talked about. The part that hit home the most was when Christina prayed to go "please be real". I have prayed that before, but in christian circles its just not accepted to talk like that. It was burden lifting to know that some one else who's come from a place of being in ministry and had/has strong faith would ask the same questions. I highly recommend this book! God shines through and speaks through this book.

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